4.03: Facade


The Truth Is Out There
Nov 18, 2001
Clark faces a surprising new foe in the form of a shy high school girl who turns to plastic surgery to enhance her looks and boost her popularity.
However, things go awry when she discovers that her kryptonite-enhanced beauty causes harm to anyone she kisses - and she decides her next victim will be Lana.
Meanwhile, Jason and Lana continue to hide their relationship from Clark.
A.K.A "Kryp/Tuck!"

When I saw the promo I was hugely disappointed, but when I saw the show I thought it was alright.

The flash back intro really threw me for a while. I thought it was an old rerun, but I knew it was supposed to be new.

Say has Lois been added to the opening credits yet?
Originally posted by McHorde-Trooper
Say has Lois been added to the opening credits yet?

No, cuz she's not a regular cast member. From what I've read, she's only slated for something like 7-9 eps.
Umm I thought I saw Lois in all the opening credits as well as Lana's boyfriend!!!!

This epy was so close to the one from the 1st season when a teenage girl was taking a krypton diet supplement and she literaly sucked the fat from people!
No Erica Durance is still listed as a 'special guest star'. But Jensen Ackles is in the credits :D speaking of, when i saw him in that uniform i thought he'd be joining the school and the team. But he's coaching! How old is he meant to be anyway? And he's still hiding his relationship with Lana but how long is that gonna continue and how will everyone reacted? Is he allowed to be dating a student.

Also Lois continues to impress, i really hope she does become a regular. But the last bit, when Chloe looks at them and realises theres something between them (plus with the Avril Lavagne song in the background) is *really* sad - i always liked Chloe. She definetly deserves a happy ending.