4.01: Crusade


The Truth Is Out There
Nov 18, 2001
From the WB:

Clark returns to Smallville re-programmed as Kal-El, intent on fulfilling his destiny. Kal-El takes to the skies to steal a powerful kryptonite crystal.

Lois Lane comes to town to investigate the murder of her cousin Chloe. Lana returns from Paris with a new attitude and a new boyfriend.

Jonathan lies in a coma.

Lionel faces a grim new life in prison.
Clark reprogrammed?

Is Clark on his way to becoming the Superman we all know?

Will he finally fly? Will we see the costume this season?

WOO HOO!!! HE FLIES!!! I have been waiting forever for this!

Margott Kidder was fantastic! Now if they bring in Gene Hackman it will be even better!!!

I am having so much fun watching this again! The pilots reaction to Kal-El approaching them, "What is it? A bird, A plane?" I love it!

Okay the symbol burned in the Kents field means CRUSADE.

What crusade?, to help people or rule them. Kal-El actions were not of a saviour.

Whats the deal with Lana? Is she linked to Kal-El someway?
>Whats the deal with Lana? Is she linked to Kal-El someway?

I kind of think she is transporting the other part of the puzzle thing that Kal-El started putting together before he was destroyed.
Hey their and welcome to the group McHorde-Trooper.

I have no idea where they are going with this Lana thing.

I want to go back and watch the season 3 epy "Relic" where Clark discovers his "father" was in Smallville about 40 years ago and was in love with Lana's Great Uncle wife who looked just like Lana!
Thanks DarkCity545.

It seems like Smallville Earth has had quite a few visits from Krptonians in the past. Which is definitely a change compared
to most Superman continuity.

I wonder if they will connect all the history story threads or
if some stuff will remain a mystery.
It would be nice to have it all connected, but i'm not holding my breath :D

As for this episode, i liked for the main part. Especially as DarkCity said the "a bird? a plane" line :D And ofcourse the flying, i was a bit dissappointed when Clark said that Kal-El was flying but Clark is still Earthbound, now that he knows he can, surely he'll want to - it would be quicker than running to save people.

I liked the 'inner' struggle between Clark and Kal-El but another coloured Kryptonite! It's like that's become an easy solution to stop them thinking of more imaginative solutions. :(

I liked Lois - sort of. She has the potential to grow on me, but i don't understand why Clark invited her to live with them, surely that's just asking for trouble?

JENSEN ACKLES!!! So glad to see him in something again, i just hope he grows out of the soppy romantic and actually develops some character. He's a wonderful actor - they should use that.

Also glad Chloe isn't dead, not that i actually thought she would be but still.... :D And what about her Dad? Wasn't he in the explosion? Yet they're all worried about her and haven't mentioned him - wouldn't he be Lois's uncle?

And didn't Lex see Kal-El flying into the plane, i thought that's what the eye hole was about. But then he goes and accuses Lionel? Strange.
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