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Jan 5, 2001
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According to Variety via Scifi Wire they are developing a Toon Highlander.

The venerable Highlander franchise is on track to become an animated movie for release in spring 2006, Variety reported. Davis-Panzer Productions and Imagi International are developing the project, which will be animated through Madhouse of Japan (Tokyo Godfathers), the trade paper reported. David Abramowitz, who was head writer on the Highlander TV series, will write the screenplay.

The original 1986 Highlander film, which starred Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery, centered on the adventures of an immortal 16th-century Scottish warrior. In addition to its many sequels, it also inspired an animated series through Gaumont Animation and two syndicated television series, the trade paper reported. The latest Highlander live-action feature, Highlander: The Source, is scheduled for production through Dimension Films later this year, for release in 2005.

I never knew about the earlier animation, have you seen it HII?

Also, I thought 'The Source' was cancelled, that's still going to be produced too?

Seems to be plenty of life in this franchise yet.

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Jun 6, 2001
I've heard of the animated series - never saw it. It was quite short lived - and not all that 'canon following' - it was about a much younger immortal who was also taught by an immortal named Ramirez. All I know though.

I've heard various things about "The Source" - I really would rather they shut it down and not make it, after the disaster with Endgame. But, if they insist. I'll wait until it's a cheap movie to go see. I'm not spending $8.00 on a bad Highlander film.

But this new animated bit sounds a bit better. They at least have a writer who is familiar with the Highlander canon.


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May 26, 2005
The earlier aniamtion was about the exploits of Quentin McLeod. That alone should indicate just how much it sucked!

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