1.08: Underground


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Feb 7, 2002

Great Episode.

Just had to say that there were times during the episode I was rather freaked out. Miles O'brien from Startrek: the next Generation is a great actor. I'm also digging the special effects.

Canada is in the house.

Outstanding episode I thought. Lots of room for future run-ins with them too :cool:
I enjoyed this episode as well....actually...I'm enjoying the whole season much more than I thought I would. Was kiind of surprised at the stupidity of Obriens (don't remember his name)people....surprised and PO'd.
While exploring, the Atlantis team meets a new race of Humans that live on the planet Genii. The Atlantis team hopes to trade anibiotics for food with the less advance race, but they find that the Genii are not who they appear to be. Can this new race become an ally in the fight against the Wraith, or are they too untrustworthy?
This was a great episode, I enjoy it . It was great to see Miles in the episode as guest star.

It was interesting to see the change from farmers to a must organized and military oriented society when Sheppard and McKay discover the underground place. I just love at the end when the other jumpers appear. It was very cool. Definitely and interesting episode.

Krystal :p
The Underground episode is proving to be more important as the season goes on. I'm finding there are behaviors and key plot points that I originaly dismissed make things even more interesting.
Why couldn't last weeks episode be more like this one?

The Genii were are much more well thought-out race than the Hoffs. Their technology was less advanced that us, yet was still alien, and their attitudes were very different, yet believable.

We learn that there are 21 Wraith motherships in the same sector as Atlantis and perhaps up to 60 in all.

One question, who was flying the other two puddle jumpers? Has everybody had the ancients-gene therapy innoculation? I thought that only Shepherd could fly them.
I thought that everyone who was picked for Atlantis had the gene but some (mainly Sheppard) were naturally good at using the technology whilst others were being trained. Didn't Ford pilot the puddle jumper for a while a couple of episodes back?

I liked the Genii, sounds like we get to see them again, which is cool. But did anyone else think it was strange that they changed outfits to go underground - I can understand the whole uniform thing but surely it's not so important that Miles (sorry can't remember the name) changed even though he was called down in an emergency. And the father and daughter had time to change whilst they were escorting Ford and Tayla down. :D
I'm not sure that every Atlantis team-member was picked for their possession of the Ancient-gene. Shepherd didn't realise he did have it until he got to the base. Weir certainly wasn't. And why were they testing out gene-therapy in one episode, if everyone already had it?

But granted that it was probably a factor in the selection process, and enough others do to fly all the puddle jumpers.

Originally posted by Maria8475
And the father and daughter had time to change whilst they were escorting Ford and Tayla down. :D
I noticed that too, a little like Batman and Robin going to the Batcave.
Ooooh! I just watched the episode. It was very cool.

So McKay made an atomic bomb for his sixth year science fair. Heh. But he was cut off when he was telling Ford how the incident with CIA led to his first job... What first job? Since I haven't seen SG1 McKay eps or the rest of the season, do we find out? Should we know this already from SG1?

Also, the uniform change... I just thought 'wow, that was quick'...
Re: Atom Bomb experiment

When I watched this first, I just assumed that he was exagerating. Now I've seen more of him and his character, he is a braggart, but I don't think that he would actually lie, so it must be the truth; but no, we don't find out any more about it.
Making one in itself isn't that difficult - there are plans all over the internet these days. Not sure about such research material c.20 years ago. Anyway, the hard part is getting hold of the materials, particularly the fissionable material. Obviously. Someone like McKay could probably run up some plastique at sixteen! Whether he'd have access to a suitably equipped machine ship is another matter...
Wow, its been almost three years since my original post. Its good to be back. G