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Oct 24, 2001

An alleged fragment of a marketing report ...

New Action Figures (tongue firmly in cheek)
and now they have voice chips!
The Mr A doll - SG!'s Mr. A Always returns!
Yes Apophis is back in all his finery and has the following dialogue

"Your god has returned!" "Death to Anubis!"
"Would you like to be my new Queen? oh beautiful Tauri female!"

The new upgraded Daniel Doll - post descension.

Comes with sexy white jumper and amnesiac confused expression

Dialogue - "I dont remember!" "Recycled Deities are not Trashed gods!"
"Where are my glasses?" "Jonas about my filing system ..."
"Anubis !? Where?"

The Sam's Love Interest Doll - a New Head

THe Sam's Love Interest Doll has interchangeable heads - and we now have the new Petey Police Person head available.

Dialogue: "Sam I got my nine year nephew to hack into the SGC website and I think we have a problem ... "
"He's NOT coming to the wedding is he?"
"Sam ring me these two guys called Narim and Martouf just visited me!"

The Confused Writer Producer Doll

We have had problems with the dialogue chip for this one.
Apparently it cant remember which show it works on so we're extending the market - it now gets confused and certainly has been about whether it works for the X files, Star Trek in any generation or version, Star Wars, or any other SF franchise!

Comes with optional stick on target transfer and pins if you want to use it as a voodoo doll.

The Evil Fan doll - especially for frustrated Producer Writers

You can stick pins in it now ! It has a reset button and when it hears the word Spoiler it gets excited but says oh that sounds promising - and NEW Special Feature!!!
unlike real fans it has a off switch!

Strangely we had a request from a studio in Vancouver for personalized versions with the face of a certain Aussie fan?

There's also a Sam with thoroughly fed up with males attitude doll but its current dialogue would violate forum rules!

Brought to you by Sassy and Goldie's Scribe Neith

Graffiti Tour will be up on SassyGate by this weekend!

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