Help! Bit of a problem herem i leave for Portugal in 7 hours, when is it on UK TV?

Nick 0208 Ldn

J/T Shipper
Jan 6, 2004

I have a simple and possibly stupid question which is very time sensitive. :D

When is season 8 going to air on British television, i'm not back until the 7th, will i miss it, when do i need to pre record for?? :confused:

I know it's not on this coming week but if someone would clue me in as to after that i would appreciate it.

Remember though, i'm outta here and on my way to the airport in around 7 hours or so, so if you read this very near or afte that time, no need to post i don't think but i thank you if you were going to help anyway.

anyway, later

Nick, :cool:

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