8.14: Full Alert


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Oct 25, 2000
814 - "Full Alert"


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Stargate SG1
Episode 814

Jack O'Neill would probably rather locked up by the Goa'uld than in his current situation. He has to deal with angry Russians and escalating international tensions.

Although information is sketchy thus far on the full episode, it appears that the Goa'uld have infiltrated some higher-ups in the US government. While Jack deals with Colonel Chekov at the SGC, Daniel is sent off to see GENERAL KISELOV, but instead finds himself a prison of sorts, and is undergoing some kind of interrogation (nothing nasty…yet) by a COLONEL CHERNOVSHEV. It appears that an attempt was made on Kiselov's life, but none other than the now ex-VP KINSEY, whom the Russians have locked up, as he's a bit dangerous and talks oddly... hint hint.

Please note, as usual, information is incomplete and subject to total revision ;)

--thanks to `ferret' for the tip

Elyse ('penguin')

This was boring even for an Earth-based NID conspiracy show. I liked the interaction between Daniel and the Russian woman, especially when he spoke Russian, but that was all.

So, Kinsey is a Goa'uld now! Why didn't they just shoot him when they got the chance. Hopefully he was blown to pieces in that Al'kesh, but somehow I think he will turn up again.

It is now IMHO just too unbelievable that no one on Earth knows about the operations of the SGC. Anubis' attack was bad enough, but blamed on a meteorite impact, even though several naval vessels were lost. But, we are having a lot of problems with meteorites lately -- you have the big honkin' Prometheus floating around in space. You can spot the ISS with a small telescope, but the Prometheus seems to be invisible! You have space battles and an exploding Al'kesh. You have the USA going to Defcon 2 and Russia about to launch ICBMs, but no one asks any questions about why, or pieces everything together. What happened to that reporter who was promised scoops? She never calls Sam anymore.
Myabe these things are happening but we don't get to see them and then they'll all gonna come to a head - although that might play a lot like the whole Colson thing. ;)

I liked the Jack/Kinsey interaction too.
I wouldn't have called it boring....although the defcom 1 thing was a little unbelievable.

It was nice to see Jack actually doing his job and behaving like a General.

Kinsey turned into a Gua'uld, nice touch. You won't be seeing last of him.

I must admit though, it was a bit of a messy episode.
Well I found the concept intersting however this episode was poorly written.

The whole "The Trust" becoming infected, I dont buy it, why did they not have internal checks against such a threat? It was all a little too convenient. And Sam to come up with a plausable explanation as to how it "may" of happened. Come on!! give us some credit pleeeease!

Also if they had the knowledge of the Trust then they should of realised that the Ancient weapon no longer works, you cant tell me they did not know about this!! So they could of attacked directly!! and even taken the weapon by force with a few thousand Jaafa.

So Kensey was a stooge, they intended him to die on the surface (which all got rather confusing) but for some strange reason Daniel was NOT searched and pulled out a transporter device,


So while Jack and Co work on the "bad eyes sight" theory we have a plot change to the Prometheus,

As soon as I see this ship I let out a big sigh, this is where it all goes pear shaped.

So they send Kinsey off with a couple of guys, err HELLO he is a goauld a couple of guys with no long barrelled weapons and body armour, this is NOT an escort.

So the Elkesh appears and starts to attack becuase Kinsey may give away too much info. Err wasnt he a stooge who was going to be killed anyway so surely they would not of given him important information. They should of left him alone.

But no they did the stupid thing and opened fire.

Back on Prometheus the weapons fire causes our 2 escorts who are now day dreaming (god my job is boring all I do is escort bad goauld about) fall over. Kinsey with with the reactions of an old man fumbles the pistol out of its holster and kills the 2 escorts . The 2nd guy put a sign on his head saying "shoot me becuase I dont know what to do"

Anyway on the bridge they realise for the one hundreth time they have been caught with their pants down, the ship captain is seen writing..

"Memo to self, next time we hunt for a cloaked enemy vessel, no strike that. Next time we go anywhere I must remember to activate the shield first and have weapons in a state of readyness"

As my old seargant major used to say "expect the unexpected, then expect it again!!"

Carrying on, Kinsey is allowed to run, the Bridge not executing any form of lockdown he shoots a pistol like a machine gun and out runs Tealc and Daniel (the goauld is now working) and maybe it was lunch time becuase the Ring room which some may say is a major part of the ship is left unguarded and the ring system is not linked to a system lockdown or simply "logged out" so any escaping baddie can get away, Oh history repeating itself again I see.

Then Daniel said "C RAP"

Mate they are gonna write country songs about how"C RAP" this episode has been.

Kinsey then realises he is a stooge and dishes out some revenge and makes a hasty retreat via some teleport to who knows where??

The elkesh goes BOOM, goodbye The Trust storyline thanks for popping in to Season 8 so long and thanks for all the fish....

The drama back on Earth is solved, tough luck Kiselev you should of gone to Specsavers and got a second pair free!! and maintained your cover!

So thats that then... Or is it?

Ah but Kinsey will lay in the wings now waiting for a stocking filler episode in series 9 but he will still have forgotten about the Ancient Weapon not working and the lack of the Asgard fleet etc but hey we all know the goauld are stupid I mean they have been getting their ass kicked for 8 years now for the most stupid of reasons!!

Roll on next week!!

nothing to say....just not moved at all...Full Alert...whatever...
It was a good episode, I enjoy Kinsey and Jack interaction. Now Kinsey is a goauld, that is going to be interesting to see. Not only he's always have personal agendas, have conections to the NID but he was also the Vice-President of the US, so he knows a lot of confidential info that in the right Goauld's hands could do a lot of damage to the Tauri. So is going to be interesting to see is maybe Ba'al would try to get a hold of Kinsey. :eek: After all he always have the right attitude to make a good Goaul'd. :D

Also it was interesting seeing Jack and Colonel Chekov working together, before that usually they were always at each other not trying to do the same thing.

Krystal :p
I can't say I found an episode to be boring where the former Vice-President of the United States is made into a Goa'uld host. That's a kind of apocalyptic occurrance, not a trite one. And it seems to me the government might consider it to lack respect for the office, and perhaps issue a few no-nos via the FCC. I don't think Kinsey was ever seen on the series after that, unless it was in one of the few episodes I missed; does anyone know of any reappearance of Kinsey in the series? No question of it, Season 8 was Stargate's hottest season.