1.01 & 1.02: Rising (parts 1 & 2)

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but seriously, how do they feed all those people? It looks like Atlantis is situated on a Waterworld.

Fish :lol: :D

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So far, so good... 7/10




I've just seen the opening two parter which I enjoyed - better than Stargate TOS 'Lockdown' which preceded it actually.

I don't feel I've got to know the principal characters very well yet. Obviously the entertaining MacKay was already well known :D and Major Sheppard was very much front and centre. I find his his genetic ability to work Ancients' things an interesting idea. He also seems to have an attractively irreverent attitude, and he's an optimist - ref. the turkey sandwich! :lol:

I quite like Tailor, but Dr. Weir seems less convicing that the blonde version. Atlantis itself is good - loved the CG rise from the ocean. Very cool. :cool:

I'm not entirely convinved by the wraith - neither particularly scary nor terribly original, and their scripts had a lot of bog-standard bad guy lines. Let's face it, the goa'uld System Lords have a much better sense of style too, especially Baal. :cool: :D But the wraith's ships are more stylish.

And why didn't the Earth guys run off with some of the wraith's weapons? Haven't they ever played D&D? Let's face it, looting your enemy's stuff isn't going to make you any less popular that you already are, and those weapons could prove useful in a number of ways.

I'm also thinking that the wraith's days are numbered anyway. The red-haired wraith gave the impression that they were short of food, then later said that, when she died, thousands of others would awken... Wonder if they're cannibals?

Bearing in mind, TPTB's tendency to homage things right left and centre, I was half-expecting the red-haired one to explode into dust when Sheppard stabbed her! :lol: Not sure whether it was a disappointment or a relief when she didn't! ;)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next one.

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Hatshepsut :wave:
Yeah i liked the episodes too. For a while there, i thought they would actually have to abandon Atlantis and try to find a power source! :eek: But i could agree with Dr Weir's sentiment about leaving.

Liked the characters, especially Sheppard and Ford. Thought that McKay was better in SG1 but hopefully he'll improve.

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I liked the gateship one and puddle jumper exchange :D, that was good, there was some good one liners and stuff i thought today.

Yeah and the "So we got ourselves a lifesigns detector" - with the cheesy grin :D
Quick question - can anyone who's seen Rising as separate parts 1 & 2 (if anyone has) please tell me where the split is?

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