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Jul 6, 2004
travel through the stargate can only be one way, then why can messages (video image, radio signals) travel in both directions at the same time? my friend explained that when someone (matter) travels in the "wormhole" the person is changed into energy (or something like that - she was more detailed). then isn't that the same as the radio signals(energy)?

please feel free to be detailed and technical as possible. i won't understand, but my friend will.

i'm sorry if i haven't explained it clearly.

The question is clear enough to answer... it's one of those technical inconstistencies that the writers came up with, but at least have kept constistent through the series. And has been discussed in the Technical forum... ;)

It would appear that although anything travelling going through the wormhole is broken down by the gate from matter into energy, and this can only travel in one direction, the things which start as energy, e.g. radio waves, particle weapons (Sokar in "Serpent's Song"), gravity ("Matter of Time") can travel in both directions through the gate whilst it is open.

It can be explained, but whether this is logical is another thing...

Follow-ups should probably take place in Technical...
thank you for the replied.

i'm sorry - i didn't realise there was a technical forum. this is the first time i've ever posted a message up.

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