Where is the Rest of Season2?


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Aug 5, 2001
The Showtime (Jeremiah section) website says "More NEW episodes comming in 2004. Stay tuned for details", but it's 6 months into 2004 and Im still waiting for the "detalis". Did Jeremiah (the show) get killed? Why would Showtime wait 6+ months to play the second half of the season? If anyone knows, please clue me in.

P.S. "Trent" should have been killed.
As far as I know, they already show all Season 2 in other countries like Canada, etc. Showtime supposedly is going to show the rest of the episodes this year. Possibly is things don't change by October, let's cross fingers.(That was the rumor a long time ago) I just hope they don't repeat what they do with Odyssey 5. They never show the last episodes. :evil:

As for a Season 3 things look very bad, already JMS say he wouldn't be in a Season 3, now with all the delay with the episodes and Showtime lack of interest in the series, is very unlikely that they make a Season 3 without JMS. So we're in a long hiatus to see is this is the end. Although all things point to it.

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Episodes Season 2 & Posible Cancellation

Well, about the posible reason for the delay on the last episodes of Season 2 in the US. Here is was JMS have to say about it.

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The final episodes will, however, be seen in the US this fall.

One of the rumors I heard -- and again, this is only a rumor, from
what I heard from a few people inside -- the reason they pushed the
back of the show this far was because it's a very political story
and there was pressure to shove it to after the elections.

Overall, this season does have a President who was elected by a
minority, who is using strongarm tactics and biological terror to
rule the country, another would-be leader who is using fear tactics
and prison camps to instal a new world order (a leader who doesn't
actually exist, who is a template through whom other, stronger
people do what they want)...a war on American soil....

Anyway, that was the rumor, that it was too political to air the
rest early in an election year, and thus better to wait.


And some news about what is the future for Jeremiah from the Scifi Wire.

Jeremiah Lives In Comic

Comic-book writer Andrew Foley told SCI FI Wire that he has penned an interactive comic that extends the story of Showtime's canceled SF drama series Jeremiah, created by Babylon 5's J. Michael Straczynski. Platinum Studios, the production company that developed the series, will publish the free comic, titled Jeremiah—The Last Empire.

"There are narrative threads left at the end of the [show's 35 episodes], ... a long story that's wrapped up very effectively by the end of 'Interregnum,'" Foley said in an interview. "So I don't feel as though I'm jumping into a storyline so much as starting a new one, albeit inside the world and with several characters created in the previous one." Foley said that the characters of Mr. Smith (Sean Astin) and Gina (Enid-Raye Adams) will be pivotal figures.

The Last Empire will be released online at the Jeremiah Portal Web site in five-to-10-page weekly chapters, following Showtime's broadcast of the series' final eight episodes this fall. The comic will then be packaged for print, Foley said. The series will run for more than 30 chapters, and Foley will write them with Ryan McLelland. Carlos Ferreira will pencil the comic through Fabricio Grellet's Magic Eye Studio. There will also be an interactive component: Readers will be able to click on a character to get background, or click on a shot of a city to get history, for example.

Foley credited Platinum chief executive Scott Mitchell Rosenberg with keeping the Jeremiah franchise alive. "Scott refuses to give up on Jeremiah," Foley said. "He's got a prequel film set at the time of the Big Death in development. He's got the role-playing game underway, which will flesh out Jeremiah's world in greater detail than ever before. And, without any immediate options for the television series—I'm told it's still possible that the SCI FI Channel might pick up another season—he's keeping the characters alive in comic-book form." SCI FI has made no announcements about Jeremiah.

I really hope that last part comes true of Scifi picking it up. It really is too good to come to an end so abruptly. Although it wouldn't be the same without JMS. So we should see and wait for official news.

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Finally some good news!

August 02, 2004 - Fans of the science fiction TV series Jeremiah and
Odyssey 5 will finally have a chance to see the latter half of both
series. The series, both once part of Showtime's "Sci Fi Friday"
scheduling block that was also once home to Stargate: SG-1 and The
Outer Limits, have been off the schedule in the US for well over a

Despite an aggressive effort staged by fans of Jeremiah and its
producers, that series has remained in limbo although all of the
contracts for talent involved in the series have now expired.
Jeremiah will return to Friday nights in September on the main
Showtime channel with two episodes per week, running at 8pm and
9pm. Repeats will air on the Showtime Too channel on Saturdays at
9pm with another repeat on Showtime Beyond Sunday nights at 8pm and
Thursday nights at 10pm. All times are US Eastern. Fans who want
to catch up on the first season of Jeremiah (also available on DVD)
can tune into Showtime Too starting this Friday, August 6th when the
channel will start running three-episode blocks of season one as a
lead-up to the second series.

Odyssey 5 was launched with great expectations in June, 2002 along
with the final Showtime season of SG-1 and the second season of
Jeremiah. When the series went on hiatus halfway through its 20-
episode run, viewers were left to wonder about the fate of the crew
and their attempt to prevent the imminent destruction of the Earth.
Series creator and producer Manny Coto moved over to Paramount's
Star Trek: Enterprise last season as a co-producer and will be
taking over the day-to-day duties of running that show for its
fourth season, so don't look for any more Odyssey 5 in the near or
distant future.

While viewers in Canada and other countries were able to see what
would be the final six episodes of the series soon after, viewers in
the US have been left hanging since September of 2002. Showtime
will bring the series back in September, when it will take over the
three-hour block being used for Jeremiah season one repeats. This
should mean that the six unaired episodes will air as part of the
run but as faithful Odyssey 5 viewers know, you can't assume
anything where this show's broadcast schedule is concerned.

Source: http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/535/535100p1.html?fromint=1

Finally, and the good thing is finally also could see the last episodes of Odyssey 5. Probably will need a crash course in Odyssey 5. It have been so long I don't remember what was happen when I quit seeing it. :( Is good they don't wait that I forget about everything Jeremiah to show the last episodes. :rolleyes:

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Wow Krystal, you really do your homework. Thanks for the updates. It almost seems like Showtime hates its own sci-fi shows. Jeremiah and Odyssey5 seemed to both get their legs chopped off before they got "out the front door". After the last of both are broadcast, the only reason to keep Showtime will be Dead Like Me. What a bummer.
more news

This is from Scifi Wire and is very upbeat:

from SciFi Wire

Jeremiah May Live On

Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, executive producer of Showtime's SF series Jeremiah, told SCI FI Wire that his company, Platinum Studios, has big plans for the show after it ends its 35-hour saga with a two-episode finale on Sept. 24. "We here at Platinum have many things in the works to keep giving the fans exactly what they want," Rosenberg said in an interview.

Rosenberg even held out hope for a renewal, though Showtime has made no indications that it will pick up the show for a third season. "None of us have given up on there being a third season, and many of the actors are dying to come back and do more," Rosenberg said. "We are, however, not seeing it as a third season, but the start of a new saga after the first 35-hour 'maxi-saga.' There is definitely a possibility of more being made. If the ratings are good, if there is a large fan support shown, all of these things will contribute to the future. Trust me, though, that no matter what decision that is, the Jeremiah universe will continue to expand."

Rosenberg said the company is preparing an electronic Jeremiah comic book, to be released online biweekly starting in January 2005. Some preliminary artwork is already available at the official Web site, Jeremiah Portal.

The comic will expand the show's scope without the constrictions of a TV budget, Rosenberg said. "I read a quote by Gene Roddenberry, where he talked about one of the reasons he started the Star Trek animated series was because there were stories that were too big and too amazing for live action," he said. "In the world of live action, there are always going to be budget and technology concerns, whereas in comic-book form, the only limits are our imagination. We get to explore peoples and places that the live-action series simply couldn't."

Rosenberg confirmed that Platinum is in development of a prequel Jeremiah feature film, but he added that he doesn't know if it will ever get made.

I'm not sure about a prequel film. We have already seen pretty much what happened and I can guess the rest, I just want to know how it ends!
Originally posted by tuco
After the last of both are broadcast, the only reason to keep Showtime will be Dead Like Me. What a bummer.

Yeah, I know. Although I don't lose the faith. Many of my favorite old series have been Showtime series and although they have cancelled them I always find something new to see again. So I hope they continue bringing something good from time to time. Although I really don't want to see Jeremiah end, it really is one of the best on tv right now and the story is just so incredible good with so many possibilities. So I hope is there are no more Showtime for them that they get the same luck that Stargate have when they moved from Showtime to Scifi.

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Re: more news

Originally posted by Dave
Rosenberg even held out hope for a renewal, though Showtime has made no indications that it will pick up the show for a third season. "None of us have given up on there being a third season, and many of the actors are dying to come back and do more," Rosenberg said. "We are, however, not seeing it as a third season, but the start of a new saga after the first 35-hour 'maxi-saga.'

Interesting info, specially the words the start of a new saga. I don't think I get into the comic thing, I'm really not into that and don't see myself beginning even for Jeremiah, that I totally love. So I totally will love to see more into a series no matter is they bring a new saga. As always I have said Jeremiah have so many possibilities into the story. Bring me the characters and new characters and maintain the premise of the story and I know I just would love it.

The prequel film, it all depends. If I don't have any more Jeremiah I think I would accept it, but only is they bring something good. As you say it have been show what happen in Season 1 and in Season 2 they have already explain mostly everything about the Big Death etc. So the only way I would enjoy a prequel film will depend on how they present it. But is there is no more Jeremiah I think I would love that. Anything that let me see something related with Jeremiah. :eek:

I hope they let you see soon Season 2 there, I think is much better than Season 1. They follow the arc more and the continuation is better. Is really a shame if they end it there after seeing Season 2. And also it not fair after Season 1 not to see Season 2. I really understand how it feels to wait, after what Showtime did with the episodes it was very frustrating. :mad: