3.22: Covenant

hmmmm not sure what i made of the ep in total - the stroy was a bit weak - Clark doesn't trust Tara, oh wait now he does, just in time for Jonathan to fly (not lietrally of course) in with some article proving he was right all along. Well that's never ever been done before :D

On the other hand - Lana leaving was quite well done - and the last person she saw was Lex not Clark - i hate to keep going on about this - but that seems like more than just friendship! BTW: what was up with her hair - she looked like a drowned rat!

Strange that Clark was the one to end the Clark/Lex relationship, i always thought it'd be Lex. But despite the fact that he has quite a bit of evidence that Clark isn't exactly like other boys he was still loyal to him as a friend. Makes you thing about what he said about Sageeth a couple of episodes ago.

And the end was quite dramatic -ooooo Chloe and her father got blown up!!! And Lex died again, is this gonna be a thing for him now, dying at the end of each season! :D
I'm not sure how I feel about this as a season finale. I mean, the last 5 minutes or so were great, but the rest of the ep was kinda dull. Kara was really annoying, and it was obvious that she wasn't who she claimed to be.

However, I did like the little scene at the airport with Lana and Lex. Even though I still don't see anything sexual between them, it was an incredibly touching moment.

But they sure like their cliff-hanger endings, don't they? Clark's been kidnapped by Jur-El, Lana's left the country, Lionel is in jail (with a shaved head!), Jonathan is possibly dead, Lex is possibly dead, Chloe is almost definately dead... are they actually going to have a cast left for Season 4? :p

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