3.20: Tailsman


The Truth Is Out There
Nov 18, 2001
From the WB:

When a Kiwatche Indian steals a mythic knife from the caves, he is bestowed with superpowers similar to Clark's, causing the young man to believe he is the legendary Naman, "the man who fell from the stars." Clark learns the Kiwatche legend foretold of a knife that could kill Naman and sets out to reclaim it before the young Indian can use it on Lionel.


It goes on.....
Apr 22, 2001
hmmm an average-ish episode - it felt a little thin on substance but i liked the idea of more mythology on Naman. The end bit with both Lex and Lionel touching the knife before it disintegrates was good - but come on "a friend turned enemy" and a choice between those two, when was Lionel ever a friend? Face facts Clark, it'll help you be prepared in the future. Still interested in what happens to turn Lex against Clark though. I mean despite several things that have happened, they're still friends. And even if Lex recovers his seven weeks and finds out Clark's big secret surely he'll also remember that Clark risked everything to try and break him out. Anyway i guess we wait and see.

Also a cute moment for Chloe and Pete at the end there - and he is definetly getting more angst in the latter half of this series - it's like the writers suddenly remembered he exists and want to do everything possible with him that they can before they forget again :D

Another ep which has done nothing to quel my Lana/Lex theory - i mean come on "I did it for you" :D

little smaug

Fire and Brimstone
May 30, 2002
This was one of those episodes where the main story isn't overly exciting, but the background stuff is good. I really like the interaction between Lana and Lex, but I see him as being more of a "surrogate big brother" rather than a love interest.

I also loved Lex's comment at the end - "Clark, did it ever occur to you that the hero of the story... is Ziget?" :D Lex is great. Makes me think that when he does turn against Clark, it will be because he sees Clark as the bad guy.

But as for the whole Pete thing - I just can't pretend to be interested in him. I agree that it's like the writers suddenly remembered he exists, but it seems like they're just handing him random little story lines to give him a reason to be in the show. I mean, he hardly ever talks to Clark anymore, he never gets involved in the main stories. Either use a character or lose them, don't just keep them in the show for the sake of it. :rolleyes: