Season 8 Story Idea Thread (spoilers)


First Prime of Burgstrom
Jun 18, 2003
Starting this thread to discuss one main story idea that I am excited about, but there is a bunch of cool-sounding ones.

Among the story ideas being kicked around for Season 8 is a story that will bring Maybourne and Mini-Jack (Michael Welch) together, for some more of that great Jack-Maybourne dynamic. I really love this idea. It will allow us to have that dynamic, and not onlt have Jack on screen for 5 minutes because Welch will be playing him.

Check out for more ideas. Some cool ideas.
An extension of that would be:

Mini-Jack and Cassandra; he would naturally take up with her after Janet's death, and their equal levels of genetic manipulation could lead to that staple of sci-fi, the rapid pregnancy and weird off-spring... and I'd love to see mini-Jack having to explain to Jack that indeed he had been sleeping with Cassie... ;)
Eh, too many levels of statutory rape there, and I don't think Mini-Jack would go there because he has the mind of Jack, and a father-figure role with Cassie.

I WOULD like Cassie to return for an episode though. Not quite sure how to write her back in, but I'd love to see her make an appearance.

And let's not forget: More Jonas!
How old would Cassie be now? 18 yet? Based on the number of candles on her cake in "Rite of Passage" she would have been 14, therefore her 17th birthday will be season 8... but she COULD be messing around with someone else. It happens at that age.

I'd forgotten the mind-of-Jack part, fair point.

Now that she is that old, could Cassie be living with Sam - it's been a bit unclear since "Heroes, pt 2". Either way, her relationship with Sam would be an easy entry back onto the show.

Or, how about she tells her new beau who she really is, whose dad is a reporter etc...
Yeah, I figured that Cassie is about 16-17 now, she'll probably turn 18 some time in Season 8. She might be living on her own now, in a dorm or something. All that Hok'Taur-ness, she might have skipped a grade or two and might be in college now.

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