7.11: Parallels


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Jan 5, 2001
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Returning to the ship from a Bat’leth tournament, Worf passed through a quantum fissure and finds himself shifting between different parallel quantum universes.

As Worf begins to doubt his sanity, passing through different realities in an almost ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ manner, there are some very funny lines in this episode and great little parts:

I never really liked the idea of the Worf/Troi relationship, and I think it began here. I think if Worf had never visited other timelines he would probably have never got the idea on his own. The interplay between them does give us:

WORF: That behaviour is inappropriate.
TROI: Even for your wife?
TROI to WORF: I know Klingons like to be alone on their birthdays. You probably want to meditate or hit yourself with a pain stick or something.

Interesting that in every reality Troi still wears the off-the-shoulder blue dress as a uniform.

Then there is the wild-eyed Riker, on the run from the Borg:

RIKER: We are one of the last Federation ships. The Borg are everywhere. We don’t want to return.

When that ship exploded, wouldn’t the Warp core breach take out a few of the surrounding Enterprises with it?

The Argus Array on the edge of Cardassian space, can take pictures of Utopia Planitia (on Mars). Either Cardassian space in this reality is quite a lot larger, or else you can quite understand why the Cardassians might be nervous about it.

Another reality has the Bajorans as the aggressors and the Cardassians as allies.


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Jan 18, 2001
I liked this episode. Worf had some classic looks on his face everytime he 'shifted'.

It is interesting the way the writers thought of the different realities.

How long did it take you to realise that it was Geordi causing the problem?

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Sep 30, 2000
This was one of my favourite Worf episodes the way he looks around the wall when Deanna is sitting on his bed just cracks me up every time.


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Feb 12, 2004
Yes, I'd have to agree this was in my favourite three episodes of Next Gen. Along with the two 'creepy' ones (data's dreaming and Riker loosing his mind doing that play)