tP on DVD?

Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
Well - if you live in France - you're in luck - it was released in December.

If you live anywhere else - unless you have a region-free DVD player, or speak either English or French - you're kind of out of luck.

From what I understand - the French-release has both an English audio track with the actors actual voices and a French audio track, and French subtitles, but no English subtitles - not sure how important that is to people.

But, since it's a French release, it's region 2 (that's the French region coding, right? I never remember these things - sorry) -

However --

You can help - if you want it released elsewhere --

email Twentieth Century Fox --

use this email address:

and you can even use this text as the body - b/c it's the volume of email for a particular show - according to a response one emailer rec'd from Fox - (you can read the email response HERE - at the TNT Pretender message board -- which is also where I got the sample text below)

Sample email text:

Dear FOX,

DVDs of THE PRETENDER were recently released in France and have received rave reviews. Now we American fans would like to own the series on DVD as well!

We all voted at your "TV to DVD" poll site and noticed that THE PRETENDER was far ahead of all the other titles. What ever happened to this poll? Were the results acted upon?

The question was posed as to how much PRETENDER fans would pay for the DVDs. An overwhelming number of people said they would give whatever it takes to own the DVDs.

This makes releasing the series on DVD a worthwhile endeavor for the millions of PRETENDER fans, as well as a profitable move for FOX.

Please give the people what we want -- THE PRETENDER ON DVD!!!!


[your name here]

So - send emails and send emails and send emails -- over 6 months, if all the fans have submitted enough emails - they might just bump this puppy up high enough on the 'yes, we want it now!' scale to get it released on DVD!!

thePretender is coming to DVD --

THIS MONTH --- March 2005!

No, really - it releases on either the 15th or the 22nd! has it listed...

Go! Get it now! :)
I loved this show. I am hoping that they will do another movie with all them in it. I can't wait till it comes out. I'm going to have to buy it and watch it all over again.
Ahhh - all FOUR seasons have been released on DVD!

Now - now we just have to wait and see if we get the two movies too!
I see all four on Amazon, but I don't have $100 bucks to spare, so I'll just have to live on memories for a while. :(
Ah, i'm sorry

i couldn't afford all of them at once either,hope you can get them soon.

Hey, maybe by the time you buy them- you can buy THREE movies with them. :D
Awww - poor Rat... ask for gift certs for holiday-type times... ;)

or - pimp your wishlist to all your friends. :)