Kandyse McClure in Andromeda and Season 2 episodes


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Dec 30, 2000
Check out Kandyse McClure(Elizabeth) as guest star in this week episode of Andromeda called "The Others". Is going to be great, also guest star "Methos"(Peter Wingfield) from Highlander.

It definitely looks like a must see episode.

Also Showtime have schedule in their site the two first episodes of Season 2 in Showtime Beyond at 9:00PM today and next Saturday. So if you missed it check them out, or is a good time to see them again. ;)

Krystal :D
Did you know she is in the new Battlestar Galatica series....she plays Petty Officer Dualla

Along with Trisha Hefler who played Sarah....I think...who now plays number 6 in battlestar galatica
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