Bring back the Liberator

Darth Simpson

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Feb 12, 2004
To be honest I was always a little concearned about the new project anyway, even before the split with Darrow.

In my opinion the original show went considerably down hill after the Liberator blew up. It seemed to change the whole concept of the show (renegades in the most advanced ship in the galaxy). After its destruction I felt that the crew were no more significant than any other space pirate and not worthy of Servelan's interest. It was, after all, the Liberator that she wanted, not them specifically. It was the Liberator that made them special.

Although it would have to be done properly, I would be all in favour of bringing back the Liberator. At least then it would have the feel of the show that Terry Nation meant it to have. We see in the original show, they find the base where Liberator was built in the episode 'Redemption'. We see smaller ships, similar in design, to the Liberator and we see the sister ship DSV-1 (which gets destroyed). I dont think it is that far fetched for there to be another ship out there somewhere.

I guess I'm just clutching at straws to get something from the old show. Just seems to me that without Avon (or Paul Darrow), without Villa etc, without the Liberator, without the old version of the Federation, without even the iconic Federation logo, it wont be Blake's 7 at all !!

I'm not bitter - honest :( :mad: :crying:


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Sep 18, 2003
[Somewhere in the GALAXY!]
EXACTLY - it won't do justice to either TERRY NATION'S memory, what most of the original FANS loved about the show is what WE won't be getting from this disaster area!!!

WHO IS BITTER??? NO COMMENT!!! As, what I really think about a Universe without "AVON" isn't very polite!!!:mad:

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