Favourite Quotes - Season 7


Oct 8, 2000
I figure it's gotta be time for a favourite quotes thread for this season, I love reading thru all the others.


The following is not so much a quote, but an entire scene, but the whole thing was delivered with such precision by the actors, like a quickfire comedy sketch, I couldn't edit it into a quote without it losing it's magic

[Sam joins Jack in the elevator]
[Sam starts humming (the stargate theme!)]
Jack: Humming?
Sam: I am?
Jack: You are
Sam: Sorry
Jack: What's his name?
Sam: Now why would you?
Jack (interrupting): Humming
Sam: Pete
Jack: Pete?
Sam: Pete Shannahan, he's a cop
Jack : Speeding again are we?
Sam: He's from Denver, a friend of my brothers
Jack: A set-up?
Sam: Pathetic, I know
Jack: No, it's great
Sam: Really?
Jack: Isn't it?
Sam: Well, it's not serious or anything
Jack, And yet it is..... humworthy
Sam: Sir
Jack (interrupts): Look Carter, its none of my business, I'm just happy you're happy about something other than.........Quarks!
[Sam looks at him]
Jack: Not bad with the quarks huh?
Sam: Excellent
[more gaping silence]
Jack: Bit uncomfortable isn't it?
Sam (as lift opens): Yeah, a bit
(Jack hurries out)
Jack: Good luck
Sam: Thankyou Sir

Sorry, but this is the only one I've had time to transcribe properly.

Anyone got anymore please?

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