Season 8 is the end?

Wow! Negotiations for Season 9?! Sounds promising to me. As I would hate to see RDA leave the show, I totally understand his reasons (we're facing retirement as well - it's just not much fun anymore). I believe SG-1 could float nicely w/o him, but it will be more work. I also think Atlantis will (and has) hold it's own. It's a solidly thought out show with a strong cast.

I have a feeling that O'Neill and Carter aren't quite done yet with the whole romantic deal. We shall see won't we?
That would be good...very good. :rolly2:

And even more good news... at the Chicago con they still said they were talking about season 9. I think it's safe to say, there will be... :D

w00t! :rolly2:
10 million viewers for a cable sci-fi show is not only good - it is uncharted territories type good ;)
No, and it gives me a feeling of omniscience to be looking at your January 2004 thread posting. That's a nice feeling to have, because when I started looking at the Gate in 2006, everyone else had seen it and I didn't know where the other Gate forums were besides Sci Fi dot Com. I'm just watching the somewhat delayed final season of the series now--there's another episode on tonight.

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