Aliens quadrilogy - audio commentary


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Apr 23, 2003
Man the audio commentary for AlienS is a JEWEL! Almost the whole cast comes back (minus ripley) to do the audio and it's like watching the movie with the actually charactors because their personalites are so much apart of the charators they played, I mean for example Bill Paxton is the cutup of the group - making jokes and stuff - just like Hudson, and they express so much love and effection for the movie. It's just wonderful to hear. And Cameron spills his guts too, he talks about the later films and the weird requests of Sigourney Weaver (and points out once she had control of the series after Alien2 she made all of he weird requests come true, killing the series. -

She wanted:
1st) No guns
2nd) she wants to die
3rd) wants to have sex with an alien (the scene in Alien4 where the Alien carries her to the queen)

- ok he doesn't say she killed it, but he expresses his frustration over the later films).

Anyway I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed that commentary.


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Apr 3, 2003

I'm seriously considering buying this set. Besides the 4 released films the directors cuts of each are also included. I read that in the commentary parts Bill Paxton is really funny, which is good to hear. He had some of the best lines in Aliens like, 'We're on an express elevator to hell - going down!"
Is the packaging as bad as I read? That it lets hair and dust in? Doesn't matter I suppose, I'll make duplicates of the disks with my 123copydvd program, it'll be too important an investment not to back them up anyway. Thanks for the mini-review!