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Apr 22, 2001
Good news for all the UK fans :D

E4 is showing series 3 of Smallville starting on the 5th Jan! I'm sure Channel 4 will be doing so quite soon as well - but haven't managed to find a time for that yet.

Enjoy the series and came discuss the new episodes in the Series 3 forum :D
Hearing that news has made my husbands day!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing Maria. :D

annette :wave:
smallville series 3 hits UK

Hi maria!

Newbie here :D I already knew that smallville series 3 was hittin the UK in Jan-which im SO excited about :D. BUT i do not hav E4:( do u hav any idea at all about wen the new series is gonna be shown on CHANNEL 4?

hi superman_16. :D welcome to ascifi. :wave:

generally channel 4 will start showing smallville about *thats a rough guess* 4 weeks after E4 start showing it. you could try going to the channel 4 website and seeing if theres any dates given there.

annette :)
Hi Annette!

Thanks :D and i tried lookin on the channel 4 site, but unfortunately it didnt say anythin:( but thanks very much anyway;)

I'm with you Superman, i don't have E4 either. :( But Annette's right, its normally on Channel 4 quite soon after it starts on E4, so hopefully we won't have too long to wait. :D
Yes...h-o-p-e-f-u-l-l-y...because i just cant w8 2 c it, im sure u feel the same
Anyway series 2 is showing again on Channel4 on saturdays at the moment, u watching it?
Sometimes, but i can't always be bothered to get up that early! :D But i watched the ep with Lucas the other week, i like that one. Hm, wonder if we'll see some more of Lucas this season? :p
Yeh im with u on the difficulty of waking up so early;)
And i did think the episode with lucas was rly kool:cool: i mean huw wudve expected him 2 betray lionel rite at the end.
i do hope we'll be seeing more of him next season:D
Hey Superman and little smaug,

All i've heard is that Channel 4 are going to start showing series 3 in March, which is really weird, as Annette said, they usually only wait a few weeks.

Oh well - here's hoping it's early in March :D
When ever it starts, you guys are in for a REAL treat!!

Season 3 is the best ever!!!!

No peaking, at Season 3 episode guide now, don't want to spoil anything for you!!!
did anyone manage to figure out the Channel 4 times for it then? I've missed a huge chunk of this series as i was placed away from sky tv for 9 weeks! now that i'm back - i don't really want to watch E4 eps without knowing what's been going on - if that makes any sense to anyone :D
hi maria, no news about smallville on ch4 that i know of. sorry :(

annette :wave:
Yep, and they're not even showing repeats anymore! :(

It started on E4 ages ago, haven't we waited long enough?
yeah! that is so annoying. :mad:

this probably doesn't help those who are waiting for C4 but E4 are repeating the current series weekdays at 6pm starting from Monday - so hopefully i'll be able to catch up soon-ish :D
Channel 4 are now showing Smallville! Finally! :D

Sunday 12th, 15:35.

Enjoy :star:
Actually, the series started yesterday. I would have posted to let people know, but guess what - C4 didn't advertise it at all! So I missed the first 5 minutes, and I only realised it was on at all because I was bored and flicking through the channels. Needless to say, I am very angry at the C4 people! :evil:
yeah i was surprised at that.

And doesn't sunday afternoon seem like a weird time to show it. Oh well at least you can watch from now onwards.

And then tell us what you thought of it!

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