more goa'ulds (possible previous season spoilers)

Drew. M

call me **Drew or Andy**
Nov 10, 2001
I think the writers should bring in some old faces, which we know little about

Morrigan, Kali, bastet, Olokun and Svarog.

Where they appeared in Summit back in season 5 we've had very little news of then.
Olukun was featured indirectly in S7's "Death Knell" if I recall, but it would certainly be reasonable to have some of the "Summit"/"Last Stand" Goa'uld appear in more depth. Or, as implied from "Evolution 1&2" have some more Mayan deities.

Notwithstanding the above, I have seen interviews/snippets at another site from one of the writers/producers suggesting that there will be an all new villain this series, with the Goa'uld only playing a minor part.

Link is at - Cast and Crew on Season Eight possibilities
Svarog is probably gone for good ever sense he got zapped away in Sentinal. (According to the commentary)

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