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Wonderful weekend...

Discussion in 'J R R Tolkien' started by Rowan, Oct 27, 2003.


    Rowan New Member

    Sep 26, 2000
    I don't usually post on this thread and I am totally exhausted right now, but I'd like to say a couple of fast things [and I hope I'll be able to put together a bit of a rough con report for those interested].

    RingCon in Tacoma, WA, 24-26 Oct. 2003.

    Not only do the two [so far] released 'Lord of the Rings' movies rock, but Craig Parker [Haldir, Elf Lord and Warrior who dies at Helm's Deep], Bruce Hopkins {Gamling, Captain of the Rohan} and Jorn Benzon [Remil, Haldir's brother] are three of the sweetest and kindest guys I have had the pleasure to meet in awhle.

    Kiwi's Rock!

    And now this very tired Security Chief is gonna try to put herself to bed for a bit - a 49 hour stretch with only 3 hours of sleep in two days isn't fun. Especially when you're leading the actor's security team...



    pkgrl Ultimate J/A shipper!

    Feb 10, 2001
    Good to hear, Row! Can't wait to see that con report! :D

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