Baxter, Stephen- Voyage

ray gower

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Jun 5, 2001
1957, The Russians, using their ex-Nazi scientists, put Sputnik, the worlds first artificial satellite into space. America and its ex-Nazi Scientists are left with egg on face.
1961, The worlds first man in space leaves America with egg on face again. President Kennedy vows that the US will catch up and go one step further.
1963, Lee Harvey Oswald shoots JF Kennedy and misses, taking out his missus instead.
This simple change in history leads to a long change of events that results in Richard 'Tricky Dicky' Nixon into a forced committment to extend the US commitment to space and putting a man on Mars.

Not so much sci/fi as political intrigue and manipulation as budgets are squeezed and enthusiasum is focused. The Shuttle is scrapped on the drawing board, as are the Voyager probes, but by the mid-eighties a man sets foot on Mars to find..
Well that is your problem.

Not unlike Bova's Mars in presentation or story, it suffers the same problem of being much too long. Where it differs is that the intermissions are also fascinating and the outcome is exciting.

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