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Aug 4, 2003
“Stargate SG-1†Adds To Cast in Eighth Season, Filming to Begin in February
Written 10-13-2003 by ChrisFaile

Although the current season of the Sci-Fi Channel’s “Stargate SG-1†has not yet ended – the mid-season cliffhanger aired in late August and the series will resume its run in January – sources indicate that the eighth season of the space drama will begin shooting February 2004 in Vancouver and that two new series regulars will join the mix.

Possibly the final season of the series, which was borne from the 1994 film, the show is now looking to cast two crucial roles, of characters that will become a part of the Stargate team. This next season will only consist of 20 episodes (since the second season, 22 episodes have been ordered for each go-around), and filming is anticipated to wrap by late summer.

According to our sources, which is backed by casting notes we have obtained, the first of the new characters, Dr. Maggie Greer, is a brilliant young anthropologist described as “beautiful, opinionated and temperamental.†Listed as being between the ages of 25 and 35, she was once a harsh critic of Daniel Jackson's work, stunned that his crazy theories about the influence of aliens on Earth's history are true when she is recruited to join the SGC. Once she does join, she struggles with the demands of being part of a team whose mandate is dictated by the military.

Colonel Kyle Hooper is the other new member of the Stargate team, an Air Force special ops soldier. Described as a “a born leader†and “a soldier's soldier,†he's a stoic, serious man with a wry, witty sense of humor always seems to surprise others. While confident in his abilities and qualifications he is eager to prove his appointment to leader of a front-line team is justified. His belief in the need for a strong chain of command is tested by the maverick general in charge of the SGC. This character is listed as being between 35 and 45 years old.

Not known at this time is how each will figure into the series’ central plot. Richard Dean Anderson is currently the only castmember announced as signed on for the next season.

The eighth season of the series is expected to premiere in June.

The Scorecard
Executive Producers: Robert Cooper, Michael Greenburg, Richard Dean Anderson and John Smith
Director: TBD
Writers: TBD
Casting Director: Paul Weber
Start Date: February 2004
Location: Vancouver
Production Company: MGM
Network: Sci-Fi Channel
I really hope this is fake becuase this is just a female DJ and a younger Jack! We'll have to wait and see though, could Season 8 be even WORSE than Season 7? Stay tuned!

I actually quite disturbed by the fact that they are gonna replace Jack and have a female DJ on the team (making it a five person team), I just don't think it would work and I am quite worried that it could attract attention from Sam (I see her as a threat - someone so young and just another love interest for Daniel!) (she is my fav character). They're just trying to make the spin off show more plausible by having these 2 new chars in it carring on from SG-1
All I can say is if they get rid of Sam, there's no sense it watchin it. She makes the show for me:D

-I'll probably watch it anyway, its probably gonna be beter than Stargate Infinity, which I just reently found out was still on t.v.-
Possible spoilers.
If they were able to come up with one or two GOOD charecters, not just versions of DJ and Jack, maybe replacing him would be OK. The show could go on in a sort of differant direction for the 8th season, and can even go on for more seasons becuase the RDA situation will be fixed. Making Jack a General and putting hm in charge of the SGC is the STUPIDEST thing I have heard in a LONG time. He is a man of action, he is hands-on, he HATES politics. He's a good team-leader, but he is the perfect example of a BAD General. Kill him off or better yet send him with the Asgard (Like Sisko went with those guys in DS9), that way he could make return appearances every once and a while and have a major role in the series finale and/or movie. Put someone else in charge of SG-1, a new charecter that is good and ORIGINAL (Sam IMO is too cerebral to lead SG-1, she is a vital part of the team but too much of a scientist to lead them) for season 8 and (maybe) 9!

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