General Review - Spoilers


Sep 21, 2003
My season 4 boxed set arrived on Monday, some of the episodes I had seen on T.V previously but I think the majority I hadn't seen. I've watched all the episodes in the boxed set except the last, which will be viewed later tonight :rolly2: But of course after that I still have all the special features, audio commentries etc etc.

Anyway i'm quite please overall with this season, there have been many more episodes with major races then the previous seasons and many major system lords which is always a good thing, the introduction to Osiris was a suprise as I didn't think she was introduced until Season 5.

I hadn't seen the episode where Heru'ur (spelling) dies before, I thought the scene where he does die was excellent and it was good that Apophis and Heru'ur spoke mostly in goa'uld, the way he was killed was great to watch but I was a little disappointed that it was over so quickly, just seemed to me that a major goa'uld should have taken a little longer to be killed.

The Asgard and Replicator conflict are always great to watch.

If I had to pick a "bad" episode from this Season, i'd pick "Watergate" something about this episode bores me a little.
I'm also not to fond of that Martin guy, he annoys the hell out of me but his episode is mildly amusing.

Thats about it for my review of season 4, overall i'd say it was a great season and it was definetly worth buying. I'll post my reviews on specific episodes a little later.