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The Truth Is Out There
Nov 18, 2001
Perry White, a once promising journalist whose career was destroyed by Lionel Luthor, arrives in Smallville in search of alien stories for a tabloid news show. In spite of being constantly inebriated, Perry believes he has witnessed Clark using his extraordinary speed, so he devises a dangerous scheme to expose Clark's superpowers. Meanwhile, Lex learns that Perry has powerful incriminating evidence of Lionel's shady past.

Perry White is being played Micahel McKean who is the real life husband to Annette O'Toole.
I missed this one :mad:

Can someone tell me how it was pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!
DArk city it was very well done, i loved it, perry white was played perfectly if u ask me, and this ep was also quite funny, and of course Lana and Clark had there deeply emotional chat at the end of the ep, which seems to becoming the usual for the ending of episodes now, but hey thats just my opinion;) :rolly2:
i agree, another brilliant episode. I loved Perry so much. (well most of me did, the Lois and Clark fan embedded deep within kept screening "But Clark doesn't meet Perry until he goes to Metropolis looking for a job!" Still, I'm trying to suppress those tendecies :D
This was a wicked episode. Perry was a great character, I just couldn't decide whether to love him or hate him! :D

And that end scene with Clark and Perry dangling from the view-point was very cool. I mean, you know that the hero of the show can't die, but you're still on the edge of your seat (or curled up hiding behind a cushion, as the case may be :blush:).
One little discrepancy - Perry jumped off the cliff with just a rope tied around his ankle. Wouldn't he have broken his ankle? :rolleyes:

Getting a little worried about Lex though. Is he cracking up? Or is he ill or something? I hope there's nothing really wrong with him, he's too good a character to lose! :p
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