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Reviewing the Original Series....

Discussion in 'The Original Series (TOS)' started by Goob'r55, Sep 16, 2003.


    Goob'r55 New Member

    Sep 15, 2003
    I am new here-- and checking out posts about the original Star Trek Series shows. While I would agree that no show in the history of TV has ever produced 100% totally outstanding episodes -- I would have to come forward and point out that, unlike those TREK shows that followed the Humble Little TREK of the 60's, The KIRK-SPOCK-McCoy trio did not have a "million-dollar-per-episode" budget to work with when their TREK was produced, as have the shows that followed -- or for that matter, as do shows like STARGATE.

    I would also point out, that had it not been the magic of the KIRK-SPOCK-McCoy trio-- which ignited the imaginations of SCI-Fi/TREK fans world wide-- there would have been NO other TREK shows to compare the Original with.

    Also, I have watched the other shows. In my opinion:

    The Next Generation never came close to reproducing the magic mix on the BRIDGE -- Piccard/Riker...etc....were bland, never had a special anything as commander/co-commander/friends.. You always knew that if either of them died -- the other would carry on without much of a second thought.

    Of the other "TREK" shows that followed....neither the writing or acting was such that I was motivated to watch more than one or two episodes. For sure, the thought of buying DVD's of them will never cross my mind.

    And yet-- over the years -- and I would venture to say -- over the decades to come -- of the TREK legacy -- what has been and will be remembered, the crew....with all their faults. And what will remain in the Smithsonian...will be the ORIGINAL ENTERPRISE ship....that brought out tears when it had to be sacrificed to save her crew!

    Like it or not...the heart and soul, the foundation of TREK is Captain KIRK, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Checkov, Sulu..and one simple Starship on a 5 year mission to explore strange new worlds...

    Everything is that has or will come after -- is just.....an off-shoot of Gene Roddenberry's First Greatest Creative Genius

    Live Long and Prosper!
    ray gower

    ray gower New Member

    Jun 5, 2001
    Hello fellow cynic!

    I think you do make some very valid points, our 3 galant musketters: Kirk, SPock, McCoy and Scotty did have something between them. It gave the series heart and it has been missing for the greater part of the time in its feeble successors, along with other factors. As such it is a topic we have chewed over endlessly in ST General Discussions. We would be delighted if you added your tu-pence there too?

    Dave Wherever I Am, I'm There Staff Member

    Jan 5, 2001
    Way on Down South, London Town
    Since those reviews were mostly my posts then I guess you need to blame me. Sorry if I seemed overly critical, it is the only ST series I find that I can watch again and again, although the Next Generation is probably my favourite.

    You do make very valid points: How can anyone compare a sixties TV show, on a sixties TV budget, to an '80's, '90's or '00's TV show?

    Yet it is only because of it's success that the later ST series even exist. Please feel free to add your own reviews.

    I still feel that there were some really poor storylines in the original series though, particularly in the third season when it had already been cancelled. However, your points in those threads about the Character interactions making the story a well-made. ST has always been about the characters, something they forgot in 'ST:Nemesis'.

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