Moved Thread: What do you want to see in Season 8

What I'd like to see in season 8?

better writing, writing like it used to be in seasons 1-3. Well, probably won't happen as those writers are gone :(

I'd like to see the Re'tu return. Fascinating aliens are created, and then dumped.

What I don't want to see:

... any return of Felger. Once was enough, twice was too much. It makes me believe the writers are running out of ideas, ahem, cough cough.

... any romance plots. Alas, I know one has already been written. They took a Lifetime movie and reworked it. Ack. I'd better have liquor around when that episode airs ;)

... Sam pining for Jack anymore, such as in "Grace." She's moved on with Pete. Let her be adult about it and find happiness there, or just happiness with beakers and test tubes and naquadra reactors.

I'd like to see Jack refrain from saying 'duh' or 'd'oh' for six consecutive episodes. I'd like him to construct language that befits a general.

If they're going to write inane episodes, which I'm sure they'll do, I'd like to see an episode where all of Sam's lost (but not definitely dead) boyfriends come back... Orlin, Narim, Joe, etc. all return at once, and vy for her attention. It could be amusing. Howeve,r we know they'd all die by the end of the episode.

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