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I don't see Sam being in chrage of SG-1 though. She doesn't have a military enough mind to cut it. She's a scientist, her expertise is irreplacable, but she doesn't have the charecter needed to lead.

I disagree. Sam does have the character to lead. Admittedly the 'shippiness' that's been dumped on her character by the scriptwriters makes her look unprofessional and thus weakens her claim to lead S.G.-1. ('Ship's fine in fic., but please - not in canon.)

However, Daniel and Teal'c made very clear their support for her as their team-leader in series 3's 'Shades of Grey'. At the time, Hammond could not be criticized for over-ruling them in favour of Colonel Makepeace, as he was highest ranking field officer left in the S.G.C. at the time and Sam had only recently been promoted.

Now, she's been a major for several years, may well be due for promotion, has already led S.G.-1 in the absence of Colonel O'Neill, and has logged more mission time than any other officer in the S.G.C. apart from Jack.

So give her command of S.G.-1. Not to do so smacks of chauvinism...

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Jack is the military/logic/leader aspect of the team
Sam is the puzzle solver/scientist
Daniel/Jonas is the historian/moral guide
Teal'C is the brawn (amongst other things, but that's his main job)

I just think Sam is too intellectual to lead and still have SG-1 work. SG-1 is the flagship unit, it's not a specialty unit. With her leading they would be a science unit, not a wildcard. Jack's sometimes questionable military-driven decisions are much-needed (and misssed in S7) plot devices.
I would like to see Sam's friend Orlin return. Nothing mushy or over done. Rather just his longing to be near her. Solve a planet's crisis side by side and then he has to go away again. Leaving her feeling, well, like a woman - and a tad puzzled and wondering if maybe her free time could be spent doing something other than tweaking the reactor. ( Not that she doesn't love her job.) But, then again, I don't want any new found womanly feelings to end up causing reprocussions at SGC.
I might let Narim out of the safty of my bedroom closet for an ep if they promise to get him back to me safe & sound :D Like to see Danny's study buddy, Simon, he was cute & seing he's had some experience with Osiris already...
Didn't Osiris off him? He's the guy who was mad at Danny in The Curse, right?
no he was fine just stunned, Janet checked his pulse I believe.
Oh, OK I remember know. I think someone else gets offed, a research assistant or something. Well, I should be watching the episode again in a week or two ON GLOROUIS DVD!

What I recall...

One research assistant/research librarian & one archaeology professor. Stevern was hurt badly enough that Janet wanted him to a hospital right away and she sounded urgent about it.

Moved over here since we now have a Season forum.

Much to my surprise, Season 4 shipped out yesterday (Season 2 and 3 were on back-order when I ordered them and I hate to wait like a week after release date). I am so happy!
janets dead??


Long long time no see, this is stillzen maybe some people remember me...

anyway, i still havent seen much of season 7....downloaded them but havent seen them yet...same for the end of season 6...and what do i read today? that Janet's dead? when? how? why? where?

About season 8, i read in TV guide than Sam and Jack were gonna get "closer" bizarre is that..nothing was shown about them liking each other since WofO, and than was season 4...load of rubbish...looks to be like an x files syndrome. (=lke you like you not) just give us a break morons

Anyway, the thing that's nice about Stargate, is that even though it's now in the middle of its seventh season, it still is fresh and interesting....not like some show i won't name that started contradicting themselves and getting confused about their own stories that in the end were totally deprived of meaning and logic..(did I say X files?....) I do love X files though, I just kinda stopped watching after season as not to be too disappointed...whatever.

I'm looking forward to the end of season 7...I don't know what's wrong with American TV : they start airing the new season in june, stop in august, and restart in January!! I mean what the hell, well i guess it's always better than france, where it won't air before next summer ahah, AND IN fRENCH! never again will I go through this, these guys can's translate english for s..t.

enough rambling, glad to be back, see you all, tell me what you think
I don't think Season 7 is still fresh. We have had some good episodes, but the quality is really lessened this season. I even loved Season Six (one of my favorite seasons I think) , but 7 so far seems too forced. And with RDA not putting any effort forth, it REALLY shows. I am expecting Season 8 to be even worse. But I will still be watching.
Like I said, I haven't seen the few season 7 eps that aired, I downloaded some, I have watched one on tv....and you're right, RDA is making things difficult bcause the poor little spoiled baby wants to see his family, so of course everybody has to change their schedule according to his needs...I thik it sucks, he's a big part of the show and he wastes it by acting like a spoiled superstar...And you're right, seson 8 might be worse, since he may not even be part of the team, and may only appear occasionnally..reminds me of x-files season 8 when Mulder wasn't there...I didn't even go past the first episode..

but i'll onsole myself by wathing season own favorite..
i want to see carter gain command of sg-1, i'd also like to see dr.fraser in mor episode's if they don't kill her off.
How about more asgard involvment? Or another equal civilization who works with Stargate Command? Maby we will see the other of the 4 powerfull peoples, we've seen 1Asgard 2-Nac We know al about 3-Antients, Lets see 4-???
How about they go to a planet where all blond women can wear nothing but a thong and a white cotton baby-doll T-shirt. What can I say, Carter is hot. A fact that you don't see very much because of that very unsexy uniform, sucks. "The only way to save the planet is to have Sam sit on a chopper wearing a string-bikini!" I guess thats a little to much, but you can see where Im going. Also, bring back Jonas. The Jonas\Danny combo is just great. I also miss the Joans\Teal'c interaction. The GuestStars that I would like to see in season 8 are:Lexa Doig, Keith Hamilton Cobb (as a Jaffa), Michele Greene, Peter Stebbings, Alex Zahara, John Billingsley, Ben Browder, Gigi Edgely and Claudia Black.


Thought #1: You frighten me, Tuco. :D

Thought #2: There goes the entire casting budget. :D

Episode Ideas by me:

Secrets and Lies:
Mini-Jack from Fragile Balance is captured by a rogue element within the NID and used as a guinie(sp?)-pig. He manages to escape and works with Maybourne to hunt down the culprits.
Pre-credit sequence: Mini-Jack gets abducted on his way to school
Post-Credit (segment A): The SGC learns of his abduction since the Air Force has been keeping tabs on Mini-Jack. They get a few photos of the abduction (somehow) and find that one of the men involved was one of Maybourne's lackeys. SG-1 goes off-world to the planet where Maybourne lives. He turns them down. Meanwhile, Mini-Jack manages to escape and steals a car. Commercial Break
Segment B: Jack goes to Maybourne's planet to convince him to help. After some convincing, and some of that great Jack/Maybourne dynamic he agrees to help. Mini-Jack speeds towards the SGC and gets pulled over by a cop. Because he has no liscense and is obviously under-age, the cop arrests him. After a humorous scene to convince the cops to call the US Air Force, they do so and Sam and Daniel disembark to pick him up from the station. The rest of the episode is SG-1, Maybourne and Mini-Jack tracking down the rogue NID people.

The Return:
Anubis returns. He is incapable of taking physical form, and unable to interact with the physical realm, but he can appear to people and manipulate. He uses this power to enslave a group of natives on a planet along with some Jaffa, all who worship him as the one true God. SG-1 tries to talk the people out of believing him, but they aren't buying it, and SG-1 has to fight their way off the planet. Meanwhile, Anubis apparently finds a way to re-take physical form, which will make him even more powerful than before. He has to first find an Ancient device that will facilitate his need. SG-1 doesn't learn this however.

That Jonas Episode (working name of course):
Jonas is dying. SG-1 rushes to Kelowna to save him. It turns out that he was poisoned with Naquadria by his government to shut him up about more of their in-fighting. The first 3/4 of the episode is spent with SG-1 and Jonas investigating his sickness, along with a bunch of Hallucinations. The final 1/4 of the episode Thor shows up and saves Jonas, but reveals that while healing him he found the genetic thing that the asgard have been looking for. Jonas goes to their new homeworld to "donate" his help to save the dying race. Meanwhile, all-out war breaks out on Langara.

8.21: Endgame: Part I:
SG-1 along with 4 other SG teams rushes to an Ancient facility to stop Anubis' army from bringing him back to physical form. They are captured and have to rely on a rebel Jaffa to escape. In the end, they fail and barely make it out alive. Jack is brought up on charges by the goverment and is forced to resign. SG-1 and 3 other soldiers made it out, but it was a massive loss and Jack takes the blame so that SG-1 can stay together without him. He manages to get Hammond reinstated as General and head of the SGC.

8.22: Endgame: Part II:
Jonas returns from the new Asgard homeworld to Earth. Apparently Langara is no longer inhabitable because of a massive Naquadria Bomb Attack that all three nations launched on each-other. He stays at the SGC. SG-1 joins the Rebel Jaffa, Tok'Ra and what little Asgard fleet they can afford to give them to figure out a way to defeat Anubis once and for all. Hammond allows Jack to go with them. They run into a small contingent of Anubis' Super Soldiers while studying the Ancient device that brought him back to the physical realm. They manage to hold them off long enough for Carter to figure out a way to reverse the device's effects, and erase Anubis from any form of existance. One catch: you have to get within a few feet of him to do so. They escape while a fleet of Anubis' ships is arriving and make it through the gate with the information that is the last hope for mankind. To be continued in the SG-1 Feature Film.

Stargate: SG-1 The Feature Film:
SG-1 joined by Jonas, the Rebel Jaffa, Tok'Ra and Asgard fleet attack Anubis' Earth-borne invasion force. A huge battle that takes place in the space around a planet with ships, in a space station (where Anubis is overseeing the invasion fleet construction) and on the planet below where there is a huge Super Soldier factory. SG-1 (Sam, Jonas, Daniel and Jack) sneaks into the space station to kill Anubis with the weapon designed in Part I. Teal'c, Ryac and Bra'Tac lead the Rebel Jaffa's attack on the factory and Jacob and Thor are in charge of destroying Anubis' massive force of ships and Super-Gliders (first seen half-way through Season 8). In the end, Bra'tac and Jacob end up dying in the battle, and Jack gives his life to finally destroy Anubis. However, he Ascends...
i'd like to see what the furlings are all about-and i'd like to see more of sam's boyfriend-they need to let her keep this one. and of course we need more close ups of daniels butt(and what the hell jack's too).

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