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Jul 5, 2003
information was announced a while ago of a new villan a bigger threat than the goa'uld would be introduced in season 8. I was wondering is there anymore information on this new enemy because i can't wait to see them
Will that be the same enemy that will be in the Atlantis serie ?
t was ment to be introduced in season 8 and carried on in atlantis
Bigger en more evil than the Goa'uld and the Replicators ?

Wow ! :eek:
Yeah, it would be interesting to see how they come up with a more frightening nemesis than the replicators or Anubis.

I am still under the impression that Season 8 of SG1 will run concurrently with Season 1 of Atlantis. I also know there are likely going to be crossovers between the two, so maybe the main bad guys could be the same in both shows.
Although Anubis had the potential to become a seriously frightening nemesis from the way he was developed in season 5, in seasons 6 and 7 he became another victim of the show's deterioration. At present it is impossible to take Anubis or any other of the Goa'uld seriously because they all behave stupidly and their evilness is comically overblown. I would have far preferred the writers to remake the Goa'uld convincing villains than to introduce a new set.
However, one advantage of having a new threat that will be continued in Atlantis is that this reduces the ability to have Earth completely victorious at the end of season 8.
I agree with that - in fact, I'd quite like to see Earth *really* take a hit. Perhaps have the central theme of Atlantis being how to rid the Earth of an invading nemesis.

I liked Anubis up untill Fallen. They build him up nice in season 5, and then reveal him but still give us question about him. Throughout season 6 he could have been more menacing, but it was pretty good. In Full Circle we get another snippet of who/what he is, but don't find out the WHY or the HOW of it. Then in Fallen they just dethrone him of all his power and he becomes a second-rate Goa'uld, no longer such a nemesis. Hopefully with the new Super-Soldier he'll re-gain his foothold on the galaxy. He has all that knowledge, and knowlegde is power. Other than being pretty cheesy and over-the-top, he's a really good enemy.

Yeah, it would be cool to see Earth come under some real danger and actually have the public find out. SG-1 was set in the REAL world, and they did a good job of keeping it more or less realistic (the X-303/X-303 stuff is where it's really pushing can't manufacture a fleet of ships without the public finding out, granted you can maintain secrecy as to WHAT is going on, but people will know that SOMETHING is going on. I guess you can use disinformation and make up some lie that's not as scary as "we need to fight aliens", but I am going off on a tangent. Anyway, it would be cool for Atlantis to depart from the rea,l-world thing and have it take place in the near or distant future, where the world knows what's going on and stuff.
As I have yet to see the season 5 finale and seasons 6,7 and 8 I really like Anubis ...
He's such a mysterious dude.

And I agree with you guys. The could make the Goa'uld more evil.
I mean first they build up a great villain like Sokar, then reveal him and kill him the second after that ! What the **** were they thinking !

I hope they don't make the same mistakes again for Atlantis ...
Sokar was great - I couldn't believe he was dead, and for quite some time thought that they had left his death a bit ambiguous because they were going to bring him back.

As much as SG1 is set in the real world, I think a good transition between the two shows would be showing an invasion, and have the end of SG1 change the Earth's status quo, with Atlantis carrying on in a situation which is not like the reality of this planet right now.

It'd be interesting though, if Atlantis was set during a war of resistance, considering that several comments from the creative people have suggested that Atlantis won't be militaristic in the same way as SG1 - I'd really like to see the SGC on a *real* war footing.

I'm getting quite excited about all this now, I hope it lives up to my expectations ;)
hmmm I wasn't too encouraged about Atlantis and to tell the truth I would have preferred they worked on bringing SG-1 back up from the slump it seems to be in. I agree that all the villians have kinda gotten more cheesy than they were and other things.

I like the real world setting about SG-1 and the majority of the time they live up to it well, but now I have even greater hopes for Atlantis what with all you guys have been suggesting. A resistance war setting would make it interesting... but wouldnt that make it more militaristic and not less?
maybe the Super Soldiers will take over the unicers on their own :) They're pretty scary
New vilian

What If there was a bad accended ancient, who acted like a god to people, and he or she was all for himself or herself (no partners, follows no rules like protected planets). This vilin could have built the replicators. He or she could get a large number of followers inculding maby some Gould. The vilin would be a great adversary for Earth. The other Gould would be agenst the new vilin. We might have to allie with asgard or maby, just maby a renagade Gould...
but we know who built the replicators. That girl... the android one that had the brain of a kid.
Reese in Reese's pieces. & Anubis kinda did the whole ascended evil god bit.
In a way the source of Anubis' power came from his recent history, and therefore his access to all sorts of super technology which gave him at least temporary advantages. However, since he was, at the heart of it, a Goa'uld he suffered all their genetic weaknesses.

What the new villains sound more like (i.e. the ones from Atlantic, who presumably find a way back into our galaxy) are the Shadows from B5...

I suppose if you wanted to determine what properties to have you would want a foe never to meet, it would include: technological advantage, superior numbers, intelligence, cunning, individual self-sacrifice for the good of the race, speed, agression, and even worse, no reason for the attack (ie that can't be bought off by finding an alternative to their "need" to attack us). If you were to add in hoprribly ugly, smelly, non-corporeal might be a challenge, and so on...
Originally posted by RaTY
Ferlings would make a good new enemy imo :)
Would be a good twist - and give an excuse for bringing back one of the oldest story arcs - the Four Races thing. You'd imagine the Asgard would have mentioned that the Furlings had "gone bad" though... but they have had their own problems to sort out I suppose. Might be a nice twist - corrupted by their own technology perhaps?

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