BBC Archives to become available online!


Save Angel!
Jun 13, 2001

Just think of all that Dr WHo, Hitchiker's Guide and other great stuff that is *hopefully* going to become freely available.

Not to mention Red Dwarf, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, and much much more.

Kinda weird timing actually, because one of my friends has been pestering the Beeb for a while to broadcast Eastenders episodes over the internet so that he could catch up with missed storylines.

And what will this mean for the organisations who are going after P2P file sharers? Surely they will see this as a step in the wrong direction?

Personally I welcome it with open arms - bear in mind that the BBC's radio broadcasts date back to 1922 - what a wealth of freely available historical information that would be.
Funnily enough I've just read about this in the paper. The BBC showed a ghost story years ago. I wonder if I can find it in their archives. :D It is useful knowing this now. As you say you can catch up on episodes missed. :D

annette :)

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