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Aug 24, 2003
Has there been any indication that this series will be released on DVD at any point?
I've heard some rumors, but nothing concret. I'd love it if the show was released on DVD. It would curb some of my anger of the Sci Fi Channle for canceling it.
So I'm clear...is where scifi stopped all the episodes that exist? I remember that it wasn't the intended ending, but I can't recall if they just didn't have any more made, or if there were more yet scifi just didn't air em.
Hi, good news for you it has been released on DVD BUT not sure if its available on Region 1. We have volume 1 on DVD but its region 2. We bought it from www.play.com

annette :)
So far, all I've see are the R2 versions on DVD. But, region-free DVD players are fairly easy to find anymore.
As an update to this - I-Man has been released on DVD in R1 format!

It can be found on Amazon and other online retailers.

No word yet on subsequent season releases.