Unnatural Selection


Oct 18, 2000
I really enjoyed this episode. But i'm not sure why ??? It was just one of those episodes where not much really happened, but it was still pretty good anyway.
Same here. I remember the first time I saw it I thought it was a little bit of a yawn-fest, but this time around I really enjoyed it.

I loved the ending. Some nice moral implications for everyone to think about there. Especially Jack.
mmm me too - I rated average the first time I saw it,
but I found it much more riveting this time around!

esp. loved the Tealc/O'neill Icecream scene - CLASSIC had me ROTFLMAO, and even my fairly conservative parents enjoyed that scene.

Also - what they did was much more foreboding than the I realised the first time I saw it - God Forbid those replicators ever get out! Very sad, very bad.....
Ack! Is this the ep that aired last night?? I haven't seen it yet :) , but I will be very soon, barring any unforeseen mishaps with the VCR a la last week.

Nekhen x

My Favorite part about this Episode is where jack does one of his usuall funny quotes again - This time it was when he took the mickey out startrek as he wanted to call the new ship 'The Enterprise' when i heard this i couldn't stop myself from laught so hard hehehe.
Lol. I thought that part was funny, too ... it looked like Amanda Tapping was trying so hard not to burst out laughing and ruin the scene :cool: Only bummer is that Sg-1 is taking a break next week. Grrr again.

Nekhen x

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