Sequel bit-3 chicks and a dude fight aliens


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Jul 13, 2002
Sequel bit-3 chicks and a dude fight aliens

This is the sequel bit and so forth to a story which was
about an era that fought satanic soul enslavers and
mining contract slavers-the main dude-three sisters are
triumphant ones and after-basically killing satan-this
is what
is next

"and what we've now started speaking about as the dark
actually wasn't the first on the three worlds-however
is contested by each world-ridiculous as it probably
unravell -in each who is 'logics' mind"
"but that probably didn't make much of it for these
people,who've come here to exhume what there is of
legendary journey"
"wrong word,wrong time,-well ok i am fair-best is known
to any
who should endevour to ask me that,i might rattle for
over a bitter evil battle of charcoled remains of
beans-the sentinel
3,4,-i give a summery,chop off my finger-...but most
it would hold about zero percentage of the pain and
truimph and
bizarreness of satan,the old man,the wizards magic and
magic and fighting prowess"
"oh-let me begin with the portal
ceremony?!"Fentesa-raised Tiesa's arm and spoke in a
girly voice to overshadow her sister's
taking over of my little highly valued treatsie on the
fortunes of
lore...'to those beyond say-this -some stare-great
castle of light'.

We finished up -the room abounded with awe,and
similarily with
that word were they struck -lagging my glances and
mingling with
the individual by him or her-that are met and
greeted.Was it you
who saved this world of ours,"oh the sweet laydels of
froth and the lamenating of continual free seasons on
spirit";That was inclusively a guess at my
outrageousness on
their conciousness's.
"hey there Henry"-my new name if you are quick of wit
understand the patronage connection.
"yes good man"
"my name is mr. Daltozti,should i continue"
"you might"- be it though i was in on the grandeness of
his name,
normally i might make a bit of a jist-but not this
"aah-so you're going to not see that connection,i'll
give you another bit"
"mr Daltozti-Daltoz-mr Daltozti,i'm fairly certain that
unless there's
some strange block interrupting me i can't recall you"
"i had gained the friendship of the alien bonds workers
in the mine nearest towne"
"oh - that settles that,continue"
"there are fealings that a return of the snaincy
overlords completely and uncoordinated with a series of
evil forces will occur,do you have battle abilities,can
we bring our forces of technology and magic to a
culminates of artillery might-to defend?!"
I'd ever taken this issue up within myself from a
mournings waking to a dream or two,but absolute good
supremacey had cleared the lands,all lands,but it was
just as likely that in the way
a reptilian camen preys upon the fish or birds or
deer,or baby helpless deer,so does the alien miners seek
replenishment again predatorily,an innocence of nature.
"i should like to begin a resistance build up as well if
you're suggesting such"
"much more than that i'm suggesting you endevour to take
a spiritual journey to conclude what is the greatest
protection Earth might have,on iether end of
technological and enchantment within itself"
"of course there is the likely help from our brother
planets,i like you're idea where should i go to,one of
them,or do i have a ceremony"-hopefully including a
naked woman catalyst.
"it is said Melcore remians-"cutoff by Niombe.
"nice try trying to get Fentessa but she wouldn't be
affected so much(she winks an eye)"

"i'm you're dreams i know why women wink" i replied with
what else but a pungent rebuttle-i warned her as i might
as she might have gone a-bis- of hainous far fetching to
admonish my sarcastic efforts.
"hey,love birds we have real business
perhaps,Niombe,pleased to meet you(he made a slight
curtsy)you should get the two other ladies"
"so the ceremony is a simple one in which we will give a
piece of your toe flesh,-each participant,that being five
me included,then we toast blood filled chalices and sip
some then pour the rest out on an artifact not yet in my
possesion,-a song of several words and then it will
reveal what is our strength and so forth"
This was not an unserious man but the whimsicallness of
the last bit he said cast some doubts,does this
possibly include his turning into an arch devil,does
this actually only bare to raise his social status,of
course i personally don't feal i'm much of a fool for
that ladder,or more in tune with what i really
thought,some evil intent.
"now if you could read my mind mr Daltozti,that would
surely-"i aired at this early juncture-obviousely evil
burning and a trap devious to any questors mind.
"ah you're thinking damn,it must not include a vital
connection with you're first one,ha,ha"Daltozti said
looking to the three sisters now virtually before our
reposing circle.
"he is not!well actually"Niombe said - a fuss said
strictly yet playfully the latter as if it ment a force
was behind it.
"my fealing is that there can be only one true force,it
saved us and brought us together before-doesn't it seam
premature"Tiesa explained.
"i'm willing for any precuations that in turn could stop
evil or the aliens from taking over once again!"Fentessa
"i can prepare a detection and warding from evil spell
just to be sure mr Daltozti isn't in tune with the
unwholly dark one"Niombe
"I have that spell too but if yours is prepared,the time
to get this ceremony done could be much sooner" i said.
"and therefore better and safer for us all"Tiesa said.

We made preparations to meet at an abondened factory as
most everything was still,at this point,the birth rate
of the population however becoming more of a measure
against the lack.I wondered if a new handfull of mages
and protectors of special enchantments such as myself
would come from rising generations.I have thought of
training young ones often,but if this ceremony carries
me to a different end to prepare Earth then that is how
i will go about such ends.

It was a foggy morning,usually a sign that a heavy event
was in focus.Where will the portal gate land us,i hoped
i was prepared on account of suprises,but evil detection
from Niombe would help calm me.I approached the old
rusty waves of tin door with a dead latch and lock ring
and felt the strength of movement of my fresh powerfull
body against the chest level latch.One sister,mr
Daltozti and chalices were in the center of a dirt
floor,ocassionaly clumps of machinery on the
outskirts,and an omnipresence potentially completed the
"where are the two other lovely paticipants" i hoped to
beg an openess in my line.
"Fentessa is helping Niombe clean the dagger,mr Daltozti
required we make it our artifact"Tiesa said.
"my favorite drink should be in my salutation set at
hand but i fear the worst of nature,the blood of a newly
sluaghtered animal is what we can sip on this day"
"me.i don't fear any regents of a ceremony,only what it
induces,have you talked about what words we'll be using"
"unfortunately deleton satan are the original two
continued by altawa naztema wenir"
"starting without me and my important help!"Niombe said
playfully entering with Fentessa and the dagger held in
her right hand by the handle.
"now we must do the ceremony while everyone is fresh it
could cause problems to wait"-the two briskly came to
the circle.
"set it in the center and lift your mugs"-which were the
same stone carved marble like ones as in the original
ceremony with the three sisters.He encouraged us with a
look as he began lightly saying the words deleton satan
We repeated the verse in a changing pitch tune several
times,it may have been say six times.He lifted his
chalice and we followed and all took a sip and then
poured the blood onto the dagger.I hoped that Niombe had
already used her detections magic but if she hadn't then
what i hoped for was the quick cunning of my blade.A
holographic like image emerged from the air just above
eye level about two feet by two feet and a half.It
showed what was possibly the devil amongst trees with a
golden set of three strings encasing him within a
clearing,the twine tight around five trees,not coiled
around any.A red rain began to fall and the devil looked
up and called out in an evil gesture of pleasure as it
moved about a bit in pain perhaps but it was a joy and
manifestation of evil.Then the scene depicted an alien
whipping a miner in a fairly well lit mine corridor
where the man laboured with a pick-he was gathering some
basic stone then magically beyond the opaqueness we were
shown a vain of shiny metal and a gold light
resonated-making a rough circle of light about the
ore.The image fell away evaporating completely before
reaching the ground and all the blood was gone.
"thank god" i said quickly in light of wether Niombe had
checked the man for evil.
"now that we are done are you as curious as to what our
next step may be"mr Daltozti asked each of us still
holding a chalice.
"where did you get this ceremony from"i asked still
preturbed by the non-comradery level that perhaps not
only i was experiencing.
"the many generations ago ancestors of magic kin who now
work for each planet to revitalize what they have-sent
me to have you participate,i know that you didn't have
Niombe check me but it really may have delayed far too
long"mr Daltozti explained placing his chalice on the
A high tech engine sound whirled outside and two,what i
could recall,-alien voices spoke out.
"we're trapped"Fentessa said

"we must destroy the chalices so that there is no chance
for them to get the information"Daltozti said as he
tossed his to the center of our circle.A lazer fired
past us and the craft outside was most likely unloading
more sentinels.
"what is the nature of the chalices,i could use magic"i
"they are not protected"Daltozti said as Niombe fired a
magic spell which made an orange rectangle at the
doorway to prevent our demise in the last seconds before
battle was bound to ensue.
"make this semblage of stone to dust upon the cast of my
sword down upon them"i recalled my spell for this as i
rolled my eyes back already holding my sword,arms curled
directly in front of me.The blade clanked and it was
effective;no more did one beknownst threat bare down
,but still the shadows of evil,i felt,were about,all
unscripted in ever this alien attack.Warily i stepped
back shocked from the force i exhuded.
"come this way,how powerfull is you're
magics?combined,we might hide here"he pulled at a cement
block and i followed using my sword to pry it up and
hold it some three feet open;the steps inside were of
wood;and the three sisters stalled for a moment to allow
Daltozti down first,him not noticing in the flurry of
this act.
"he may have been the traitor"Niombe spoke as a lazer-
blue,and following a firing sound,whizzed through the
wall of the area enclosed and then many fired clear of
us but it was enough for me to push them into the well,
as Fentessa fell down the steps into the middle of the
three,myself coming last and cunningly removing the
prying tool and additional great combat and
warriors'gold'my sword.
The chamber was dirt and aglow with a blue resonance
which Niombe was casting-it lasted for twenty
seconds.The man lit a torch conventionaly and looked
seriously to us.
"so he is a friend"i commented.
"a friend at hart it would seem,but this is a dangerous
encounter!"Tiesa said holding her sword still wary.
"will the sentinels detect us,you may know this?"i
inquired upon him as i scabbarded my blade and sat
against the wall wondering why my energy from one
conjuring came to such a heavy hit.
"my guess is most realisticaly we will be overlooked,not
vouching for our safety yet-i might-should you put
together some spell"he made a long stare at the
stairwell saying this.
"maybe we should be quite"Tiesa said standing at the
bottom of the steps after her words.
"are we safe here"Fentessa asked in a whisper.
"i hear a drilling sound"Niombe said looking towards the
"that reminds me of dynamite blasts"Daltozti in a
warning matter as if it was about to take place.
"they'd kill us and our secrets"i inquired.
"perhaps they watched our ceremony"Daltozti unmindedly
"we must use a shielding spell,mist may not be a great
enough strength to the pressure,Henry?"Niombe made aware
to me.
"i'm sorry but there is no way to combine our arts,so
remember the bitter pain of satan's reign and challenge
your inner self"i said as we all got to holding
"i shall try"Niombe said several words in a whisper to
herself holding one arm extended palm up above her.A
blue light resonated in a dome around us,as we in
anxiety wondered when the misfortune may land.Debree
stormed down around us,fortunately the dirt covered us
afterwards and for two minutes we waited wordless for
fear we may alter Niombe's succesfull concentration.
"may i suggest we get to our first position
above"Daltozti said.
"everyone shield your heads and watch the sides,jump i
guess"Niombe announced ceasing the spell the walls of
dirt around came in as the cuttery came down,but we
ended up just a bit scuffed and up to our knees.
"many of us have seen the reconasiance craft on the
brother worlds but we couldn't cause alarm,only raise
defenses secretly,now we have the power the force of
wizardry shown us,you can see this"Daltozti made aware
while we came to a decency on the collapsed torn up
"now we have a situation on our hands it can't help to
not have help but let's not trust anyone"i conjectured
along the line of aftermath thoughts.
"it's lazer versus magic now,but should the dark one
bind with this threat we will be defeated"Fentessa
commented throwing a dirt clump against the ground that
rested on her shoulders.
"it has already started,evil is the only presence that
could begin this destruction,you see,everything that's
happened"Tiesa pointed to the ground while making her
"isn't anybody going to ask how i feal after that"Niombe
numbly accounted.
"good work Niombe you need to refresh,strong meat always
makes a better mass of meal,let's not fret,come on i
suggest we leave"

We sat at the marble round table in the new house we
found for the sisters and myself.The entire bottom floor
was carpeted in white with yellow almonds on the
border,representing a regent known for good magic,wether
this was done at the time we decided for protection or
celebration nobody let on to.
"who's to say who's at fault"Niombe protested.
"who's to say the source of this encounter and what we
know of isn't the unmentionable"Tiesa furthered.
"well mr Daltozti i'm more suspicious of you,but i can't
be sure there are really deep rooted evil sources in you
if in fact it was you who betrayed us"Fentessa contended
from her initial accusations.
"a spy with no way out innocent at hart,under some alien
blackmail,i might suggest,is what Fentessa you are
making aware to us all"i pointed out.
"north american"Daltozti prompted as if another assualt
were coming.We spoke not but heeded his words-he
"we will penatrate deeper in the few mines which carry
that form of rock and know for ourselves exactly what we
have pursued"
"let us make travel preperations"i finished.

Later that afternoon Tiesa practiced throwing the dagger
on a tree trunk 20 yards away and i was interested in
seeing her skills.I asked her lightly-
"powerfull dagger for a powerfull lady,yet wouldn't a
moving target prove more acutely a prowess for the
"what are you making it known you'd better me in that
remark"she asked going to collect from trees.
"perhaps a blindfold"i called out enjoying the sporty
"very well just give me your shirt"she asked now before
me again.
"i'll make it secure for you,i wouldn't want
cheating"and i tied my shirt around her closed eyes-she
trussed a quarter turn and threw just as a woodpecker
landed as a previous mark and it was struck by the
dagger through one wing though it managed to fly away.We
followed it to a tree the same distance from the target
there as we intitially stood from it.
"the ceremonial dagger may have an effect"Tiesa said as
we looked at the bird-blood now dripping down the
blade.It began to glow a bit then the image of satan
like before appeared again,only this time the dagger was
in the picture and he began to consume the drops of
blood as they came off the hub at the top of the handle.
"quickly we must get the dagger free from blood"i moved
forward but the bird attempted flight but only made it a
few yards to the ground the image following it.I grabbed
the handle pulled it free and used my shirt handed to me
by Tiesa immediatly cleansing the blade.
"i should destroy the dagger,it was my choice to begin
with"i angrily announced.
"we will,we will help you if you want to melt it-let's
tell the others immediatly"

The dagger sat as the focal shirt and all at the round
"if only Melcore could help us"Tiesa said.
"ah but he already has,and quite a large bit as well" i
"then we will find him again!"Fentessa said.
"he is gone now,rest your eyes,if you seek
Melcore,Melcore can only bless you with his former
life"i spoke to her in a soothing respectfull way.
"lest he be forgot let's all remember him"Niombe
said-each of us holding hands.
"may i break the silence,there are perhaps wizards
elsewhere"Daltozti mentioned quite firmly as if there
was a misccue for our prayers.
"we live in a land which is filled with natural wealth
and alive again but could a wizard be found-i might not
give a happy note to that"
"to witch end can we pursue our preperations if there
shant be a wizard"Tiesa asked.
"the Dentron forest is safe once more,at his palace
answers could be gained,do you agree"Niombe lifted the
"it may be gone but i shall embark once more,unlike
before i would like a companion"
"someone must remain to be here if there is a sign of
something or a clue to what end our protection of Earth
will come"mr Daltozti said.
"yes Daltozti and i will go to the palace-i have trekked
far at that end of the area,have i not,let you three
keep word of aliens and such"i announced knowing that i
could discover his true nature on this trip and save a
possible set of negative outcomes with it being only me.
"are you going to sneak off again,what of our
talents-i'm sure if the need arrives our combined
strengths will ensure our journey is completed to the
palace"Fentessa said.
"well my point is only a simple one,men travel fastest
as do women with their own kind"i said lying to conceal
my true reasons.Should i let them go on this journey
they might see my true battle abilities then my wisdom
would become fanfare only,i couldn't let that happen;i
prompted to myself as an additional brownie point to my
"the dagger my friend -should such strange force be
taken along"Daltozti asked.
"melting it seems a far better choice,you can imagine
what might come of it providing it was stolen or taken
in an ambush"i conjectured.
"well i suppose there is oranizing to be done to begin
our defense army,Tiesa,Fentessa and i should do what we
can here"Niombe capped off.

We made neccesary preperations including supplies,ambush
plans and helpfull points i could give including
bringing a nice sleeping cot.As Daltozti layed a view in
pretexts at the hills beyond i thought to myself-oh am i
glad the demons aren't alive-surely he'd be gashed and
history in two shakes of a lambs tail-even if i could
use the geratest techniques known;such as when i was
younger two fighting blades attached to my boots provided
a quick solution to roving minor demons that sometimes
The way was layn with the typical fauna-shrubs some
ivy,some native vines spruced with violet flowers,and
evergreen trees.Occasionaly a deranged cactus with acute
leaves with side needles furled against a tree place
derriving shade-though even more cold to a novice eye
were the live oaks that billowed 80 ft high carrying
great and secure branches and fliffing acorns about the
ground over the tan cutting leaves abounding at the
"such majesty as the great oak,legends of scorcerers
might have often used these beautys as an eramark to
their truimph"Daltozti said sniffing in the air and
taking a canteen as we set to some oak shade.
"well,even i may believe in the arts and trees,but even
more so these oaks are of a catagory of their own"I
replied-swiping the water from him-and nearly finishing

The girls were intented on being a true valiance to the
cause,and they naturally got involved with egressions
concerning their talents and made do with a scintilating
ceremony.They each had but black pantys and silk gold
streamers about their busts-as they walked about a
pentagram of black chalk and some other cross
etchings.Fentessa and Tiesa had a sword and spun it
held-using their wrists in a sort of dance-and Niombe
stood at the circle after casting a spell that made
flickering blue fairy like lights go about the night
air.There she removed the streamers in a special fluid
way and as she set each upon the circle perimeter it
blazened into a pink flame and dissapeared-how supple
the rythems of ceremony and their skilled ways!Tiesa and
Fentessa stopped and put their swords forward at Niombe's
nipples and she held the blades with her bare hands!
"se ye seays the te ye yea yeeys"Tiesa and Niombe
chanted lightly and alive-
Niombe closed her eyes and a swirl of ether at her
eyelids masked the first infusion of magic she felt,then
a lightening cack went from her breasts to the
swords-the two girls fealing the new power summoned
bringing them to a whole new level of necromancy.They
too removed their streamers and spun in place(with
special movement)and held the swords skyward-the gold
fluctauted and flew about from the ground to a reasoning
of appearance that looked like the swords controlled
them-then again the pink ether flame dissapated the
golden flutters.The three were done with the magical
journey and knelt at the ground the refurbishment cycle
complete and the lives of ritcheous defenders of Earth
against evil and aliens as best as could be stated
glorious and true within their nearly nude bodies and
souls-'we have made a significant leap for the doings
which must be done'they thought.Indeed powerfull girls
these were.
Little beknownst to the wayfaring citizens
of Earth a fleet of 10 alien
spaceflyers was making route to the once
center of their planet-oh and satan bonded soul
contracts too.The
winged craft(of which there were 4)were mettalic metal
and had
sections like that of a anthrolopod-the sides were made
meldo meldo with black stripes that had serpant dragons
with horns in neo-purple and gold within the stripes-as
one might question why
the answers that they had deranged yet partially chinese
religion may become thynes focus.They aliens were a
different species than the enslavors but they
knew...yeah they knew about it buddy-malicious chops
gettin set to **** the human race again was all they
were about.They looked mostly like the blank featured
aliens we know of-not unlike Copernicus-but they all
wore skirts with tight leggings that had metal bands.The
leads were signified with two lazer guns that gleaned of
hight tech for
low mass-though sometimes a govern was noted with frilly
shoulder patches and a cascading physcedelic decoration
at the chest.The women of course whom served in the
military only were used for communications teching-and
not to untimely was an act of employer molestation-but
you don't need to understand-it's just sex-nipple slash
ripe rip peel-oh like a sweet orange freshened with a
swash of crystal water-well anyway they were
indeed a faction of powerhungry aliens and they thought
they could get Earth-little did they know
Henry,Fentessa,Tiesa,and Niombe were on the planet's
payroll for just such problems.
"they have but one hope-to commit suicide unless of
course we
strike quickly this could happen and we will lose
thousands of slaves"the Lead alien(frills etc
costume)(actaully in alien words).
"then let us use a swift calculated strike at the main
rebuilt city places"the 1/2 lead alien replied,yet as
gracefull as they were struting just over a serpant
insignia at a hall window looking to the first forms
familiar to the milky way galaxy.
"attention-lord leader we are recieving transmission
that the
warrior suspects have gotton away-supposed heros"an
intermic at the costumes buzzed through.
"then we will dispatch a crew specifically to slay them
when we arrive"lead alien
"all orders explicit and accounted for-my moogi man"a
female this time responded through the comm.

At the house the sisters now how wholesome as wholesome
could get led themselves through a vision of sorts-and
sure enough as the black vorlon of perceptions scatched
through their beauty and wits the occurance of some
crafts unkown though definately an enemy snapped their
assed knecks in half and Niombe cries out first after
each had wwoosey woofed in shock.
"oh dear the new aliens-Daltozti-doesn't know they wish
harm and slave labour camps to all of us our children
and worse..."Niombe exsaperatedily yet loudly fouched.
"what evils-dear magic Niombe-what evils did you
feal?"Tiesa asked(they were still sitting croslegged at
a summoning cloth).
"when i feal pain i feal-that they take away a force of
innocence from even what we knew as the alien slave
bonders-and stalk the night as if they were creeping
disease-bareing the nude wounds all the way from
children to the oldest pookaninny"she said in a gallant
self assured response-that did a curtsy to the sisters
taking an extra breathe and set escue as to what they
could find in the way of defense-while lurching on the
hopes that the cross the forest battle journey of their
cohorts had answers.
"i'm taking a bath to get more saucey about answers to all of this"Fentessa exclaimed and made her way
at the upstairs hall to a gold(actually fakey)tub set in
a luxurious bathroom.
Looking into the mirror while using some hush hush
powder for her skin(face...entire body)-
"how can I fight the aliens when the death of millions
has been taken through our sense of worthyness
before...oh dear God if i
use my sword battle techniques against lazers-let the
furry be -oh-oh-oh ...magical"with that she set into the
tub-and sort of fancy girl smoothed the wettened hush
hush-scorceress no-hush battle girl any fine-yes!
Durring the flight from the place of "homeworld"to the
respectable yet harshened 'Earth'several of the higher
aliens took a persuasive look in to the void into the
spirit of their path and found that an elementry
describable as derrived error was impending about their
crusade-could this be the wrong move,after all they did
kill Satan-and had a new power of hope and esteem-what
could lazers do that magic of ages and deceptive
scorcery couldn't take from them.
In a back seperated room,from the action -gears fears
and computers- two aliens,a female and a higher rank with
frills and thought,-too the skirt design, sat at a crate
and touched their hands together-open eyed the thought
about love-marriage-death-conquering-their words
traveled an underworld of conciousness to eachother.
"who ever is so told to lead a human to the grave" lead
"should ever open their eyes to a dark sunrise"female
"then purity of our own universe-you and i shall"
"live with a fruitfull bond like mists kissing a new
england coast"
"or the words i have shown thee may melt to"
"a disease instead of the soul of eternal crash crazy
fires and lightening fast night disco dancing"
"take me now as a warrioir sent"
"oh Mthzeriwth i open my hairless ***** to this session
take a vow to unite your soul against the ...the..the
more hairy human females and the lot of scoundrels"-with
that she set for a kiss now and soon they took care of
all that was clothing to these creatures and the cold
spacecraft floor opened new dimensions of squibis sex
and the revealing eye of indifference to the world's
problems beyond..'oh'..'oh oh oahh'..'oh yees'-they got
that baby cruisin-little did their crew know.

At their way to the Dentron forest--the sisters were
always a special meaning in any young man's life even if
it was about fighting rather than-i don't know marriage
or perhaps an evening summoning.The reasons for giving
them the shank as this supposed mr Daltozti flanked me
kept an arch to a spiraling mind supermart for me-as if
dancing demons,rash aliens and a cascading waterfall of
what were once the alien money coins used for slaves
washed me and my repressive journey-when could the damn
first challenge await-what could Daltozti do that was
being unforeseen by me.Ahh at last the mountain reached
a cliff- a sporadic flattened and quilled mountain mind
you-and the cliff was some 100 ft to the ground-and of
course,there the Dentron forest was,clear and visible.
"what about the insurmountable mountain range"Daltozti
supposing that makings were fine and our path easy and
true enough for now.
"what-? no **** no -that'll be a piece of cake-as soon
as we make through the...ahh yeahp-partly burned to ****
Dentron pup-there are easily some lag easy jumps across
the mountains-no demons i reckon"
"witch,the forest or mountain-what are you gunna do jump
100 ft to the death of you and us..dangerous boy"
"young man if you don't mind-no i'll just babe a
spell"the reactions of this badly developed warrior
known as mr Daltozti was getting a bit questionable-but
who am i to deny a rif raffing oldish man a
respite-after all i only killed the friend of the girls,-
ol geezer.Chanting i did indeed ;who could afford two to
float through the air nicely-i could, but i mustered
strength and did so with a touch of class.
"who may you ek thane eck terra fayne-i may i more than
one the spell to the earth has begun"i used my sword
too-swaffing about quickly as the forces of magicitiux
swifted-and made simple the trip to safety.
"thank god-i don't know what the hell magic you're part
of..does some of that satan soul contract remain ..or
am i being uncool to ask"mr Daltozti was set back by my
superficial tech.
"no,i'm ok-the actuall power i get going such as that
babe-are part of higher sources than a hell guiny-and
with proper care you could feal more comfortable about
that -are you ok with this guy"i countered the insult of
"no-please-no more mr mc-guy stuff-lets just hope there
aren't any demons left-"with that he strided before
me-of course obviousley everyone knew that there
probably wasn't.
"sisters of light sisters -if night-please..pray i make a
safe passage"i wheeled my soul against the yes and no
of don't worry babe there aren't any enemies in good ol

"Henry-i've followed the invigorated fear in their
eyes-the demons must hunger to conquer-to kill-my own
dealings with the wiked ones of satan's work have been
very shallow-can i hold my fear and expect my detaunt
statis as a warrior against them to lay alive"Daltozti
asked of me as we reached the first few trees-which were
burnt yet still awsome-the blackness appeared to be in
tacat-who knows why-perhaps the devil and god battle was
not yet all the way portrayed yet-and i the fearsome
master of light and dark was to kill and kill again till
purity found the resolve of finer elements-
"well bus-let me put it like this-the wholesome mind is
always elusive and desiring a source be it a solution of
battle arms or the fearless eyes of ...of ..a
saint-worry not-we go"I knew the type of battle that
weilded a sword could await-and yet of course i wasn't
into waiting.
The billowing charren structures were like orafices of
hells creation screaming 'the darkness has a turn of
storming witchery to portary and you've stepped to the
foray'-I didn't expect to find another yet fully
blossomed unborne demon as i did last time-but
a who's who in the might of a treatcherous journey could
make the trite snippets of mr bohoo learn a valued
lesson before we took the palace to our goal.
The makings went benumbedly-for me at least-some trees
were alive still-the curse of evil power must have
protected them-but that wasn't all that i sensed was
thwarting a lovely romp in the good ol Dentron-the
sounds of hissing-not of leaves eventually were appearant
as a form other than nature's breezes-swaafing and
deferating an implicit sin of calousness-who lays in the
breezes,diseases-blackened ashes and waits to strike-the
serpant of death-the reapers second hand reptile-a
strange new 1/2 alien 1/2 demon-uuh yeah crossbreeds
now there's a theory for a revolution-
"you know the likelyness that we will soon encounter a
fight to the core-of man versus strangeness is-..pardon
my english-damn good"I enlightened the rooky man with no
sword or wit.
"hey well good is ok-but fight-now let's be serious
here-you know what i think i need a weapon-i mean i have
this little lazer pistol i didn't tell you
about-look"with that he sported a black with stylin
metal trim mini-lazer from an inner shirt pocket and
switched a flicker and shot a tree one time'boof'nice
range good fire power fairly impressive.
"so you think that lazer is not enough and you wish to
fight with the folcrum identity of a warrior with a
dashing sword"I asked as we had stopped walking.
"well yes"
"haha ha aha ha haa-that's a good one-well-let's see
senior Daltozti if such is to be true we need a metal
source for the spell which i'm afraid may have to be the
trim on the gun-what'll it be sword-or gun - sword- or
lazer- huhn-huhn make a decision"
He was ruffled and sat on a rooty exposure-and put his
hands to his face-rubbing in contemplation and
'under'delight-like a rump willy ol fool tryin to wax me
for the extra sympathy.None of that with me-i knew the
ways of valiance dashing to the mirths the contempt of
the fights of darring do were about all that stood
between helplessness and great success at times-but the
chump didn't=maybe a philospher round could help i
"well you know tis not to fight the enemy with cold
hands whence the rules of weaponry are hotter than the
coals that fuel the ethergy of wars-take now you're
final step make the sword of might the key to the lips
of the golden queen of wars victory-eyhe-eyhe-i'll make
you one -eyeh"i riled idea-what the hell a sword for
thought who needs the little beuffer anyway.
He stood and set the gun forward to me-as a new sss'ing
sound made a more familiar to the world of living debut
than the other times.I had to be expediant-and devious
and dauntless and wild all together -the summons of
power surged through me-oh night crystals from the
forbidden empire-oh hated spirits of woe and battle-oh
furry of the forgotten bade of the black castle-i begin
the incantation-i flip flapped some agents of spell
casting to myself.
"listen now-the priests and priestesses of lore-this
battle must slice once more-as fusing the shale of
forgotten metals fuse now the greatest of swords one to
kill minnions those of the devils!"
Swirling my hands-a glow of purple might-awashed in
saturation of an energy unexplained took place.The
metal scurried off the gun-like quicksilver-i dropped the
beuffer-and the floating metal and magics-turned with
eachother and spun-the spinning was like a raucious pup
of an anger-fighting-crashing-....creating-the sword
dropped to the ground the spell was completed and the
light against the dark was abridged-so was Daltozti's
new way to glory or death.
"go on pick it up-we have an impending evil-i believe
look to the south-i fear it approaches"that was no
joke-unlike the warriorness of Daltozti-but what the hey
a few gimpshaw reasonings with any new sword beneficiary
and all was set.
"i am power-i am the fighter-oh goodness the sword is
-simply immaculate-the carnation of rose gardens-no wait
the incarnation like a country garden-eeeh the bud of a
jasmine vine garden excepted when it's night-oh forget
it-i hear the beasts"Daltozti swooned with it -sure was
a great sword-how absurd is it- a novice and a powerfull
sword-not at all-i think.
Crackings of trees emminated-the rapture was near-a
blackened sprite of hush breezed evil awoken our
clearing.The feature of a for curser to a stranger than
strange power beast for certain i thought-the breeze
swishes and nearly cut our arms in passing-the calous
vail of a vicious tooth or claw awaiting was spoken
for-a concise surgence of fear in the mind of the
prey-not on my watch-i liked the power against power
happening-maybe Daltozti should get a hinter i thought
as i yelled to him-the sounds ever greater.
"no-no scare the final wrath from the warrior of
good-the curtailed strength of the approaching enemy is
all that means"
"yes-i got ya-fight me little mommy woo hush demon-we
will(looked to me-half a smile-what the hell we're doin
fine)kill and murder and enswirl our swords at thee-thee
**** ass weakness!!"Daltozti stepped a bit towards the
Then bam!the service of enemy in vision was there-a
night beast,a demon-a serpant,a goat-a whore-(well maybe
if transvestite-you know how quasi B movie zombies
sometimes look)was escue and hissing-but there were
more than one.The eyes glowed in multi hues and the
claws of 6 arms railed about set to swipe us down-the
following war party-you'll never believe this -were 3 ft
high dwarf-demon serpants-that had tails and legs and
carried daggers and little cooty hats that had green and
brown stripes-like a joke nearly.They were all of a
purple color-
"fools the Dentron -sss- fores-sss is a nature of evil
and power you-sss-may-sss never know!"the monster spoke
"what are you a vorlon garden snake with a genetic
disease-run now!"i returned a blasphemizer of
sorts-magic was in the air.
The monster struck all of 3 limbs at left forward as the
'dwarfs' -4 of them rushed at us-the delight of a blaze
of ether fire was flying from our enemy-it has spells i
realized-oh dear-i might need to make Daltozti step away
if he's going to live through this-
"maliki fein zerti-serpent i defy-saints and gods
refine!"i cast an ice as well as blocking spell at the
blast while motioning to Daltozti to step away-maybe
fight the dwarfs while i killed the priest of Dentron
over there.
"i can fight these mini-moofs you got it Henry"-he
started dueling them multiply while i dueled claws
versus sword against the ,monster.
"die-sss-frail-sss human"the montser was set for magic
again-even i could see that in it's elusive power
A stench of corpses ran past us-and as i tryed to stab
at it making a confusion of it's summoning-which it was
indeed-it didn't work-and five more undead dwarves
appeared and began attacking me-piece of cake.
"fool you're so weak i could have -sausage for lunch
after killing you-"I remarked as i quickly cut the naps
off of the 4 dwarves attacking me-though one small slice
was made on my leg.
"blood of victory-sss-die!"it went at me and tryed to
smash-i looked to Daltozti who was still against 2
dwarfs the other 2 were dead-as if i could'nt believe
how silly this serpant was- he saw and nodded-and i jump
flipped to the side-the monster smashed into a charcoled
tree making black dust about.
"there you go-some charcoal for a charred remains of
life demon-"I spoted at it-it turned and we fought claw
to sword some more.
The tally wag-was harsher-i was harsher-the slap effect
-a little fruitless but i got some slices in-then it
smashed my shoulders-in a quip of a manuever-eyeh so
what i thought as i fell to the ground-
"yeeow!!"Daltozti was sliced on the leg twice in a two
go i go attack by the little ones-
OK now what i needed to do was entrance the jolly thing-i
crawled a bit and looked in awe as it approached for the
kill-or so it thought-then when i needed to-i flipped the
sword twice-it watched in amazment and special powers
threw it-impaling into it's chest in it's ignorance of
my abilities-
"ha ha -you loze-i win-bammers across the board!"I stood
and did a side kick after knocking a swipe away-and the
sword went to the hilt-into it's vital organs-the end of
"oh damn it!"Daltozti jump slam pounded 1 dwarf-the
other was limping away from the area in desperation for
it's life.
"hey hey-the true evil one-is dead-"Daltozti saw the
serpant demon on it's side and it's eyes go blank.
"nice slam-dude-one got away though-let's cruize-you and
i we can fight our way now-you see-confidence and the
good fight"I proclaimed as using one foot to free my
sword and wiping it with a rag-then re sheething.
"wel-suffocation and broken ribs instead of number three
for my first sword killing blood furry is-ok -thanks a
nice slam after all"Daltozti kept alive and happy
following me from the area as we made on.
This treck of woes and fights can be a real challenge of
purity-and might lucky i have my entire spell worths
available-even though i could've spell blasted four of
those demi-demons if i had wanted to-i just wanted the
sword war trip to settle in for the first stages.

Niombe was walking on her own gathering flowers as the
sun set-the washing of violet and yellow-to pink fracas
scooped her wits into beautifull ice cream while her
sense of conciousness melded into the petals and floaura
of the wonder flowers aurora-alive in
contemplation.Tomorrow i shall be the nervous one-such
as i have felt-she thought.Why you may ask-of course
stupid-the bonding of the powerstream-the fight was just
interpreted on her end.
"i have the fealing-glorious one-oh freer of alien
contracts-and satan bondage-that one battle won-has the
ooh ouh makings of war just begun"she walked towards the
house and passed the flower of lucious scents across
her-nose as Fentessa and Tiesa watched her approach.
"fealing the petals of our union-across the sea of
fading light-dear Henry i can see you too"Tiesa said to
her sisters-Niombe knew the mutual cost of the events
could be getting greater.
"i must defend and fight like the valiance of all the
chosen free ones-i am Fentessa-the fighting girl-sleep
well all-"Fentessa was gravitating to helplessness about
being great as well-and turned around once upon her
words-hands escue-as if ritcheous.

We continued on for a ways still hoping that the dubious
evil cast nature of 'her'(the Dentron)was going to lack
through and roll over,leaving few risidual problems,but
only time can tell in such issues,after all one attack
thus far was making the scene uncool as it was.
Then we happened to a clearing that held a pool of
radiance,a calibration of magi-sweetness and carolling
mights,a violet pond,who's surface spoke of strange
wilds,uncanny worlds and darker forms of fatal flesh
incarnations.The banks wreathed with dark fine sand were
strange,a preturbing hold all be all for the
questionable liquid,and the water itself spoke of lament
and bewildered terror waiting to strike.I for one knew
that such a depot could be an untimely error if safety
was our issue,but poor mr Daltozti wasn't quite as hip
to the realities as myself,so he approached with a
smoothe step and nearly put his hand in.
"well well,a little pond of reminiscent beauty of
nature,such a spot as this must have a reason for it
being here,hopefully not a bad one,i dare say that i
almost put my hand in,what do you think Henry?"Daltozti
bade to me not looking a bit away from the interest.
"i think we should forget about it and make tracks,a
demon a day keeps the doctor away and scince this could
summon another after our first battle-it'd be fuel to
the fire we don't need."i replied thinking my expertise
should qualm the effecture of wisdom.
"well if you really think so-i think it might be
blessed water,you know a counter measure from you're
first crusade,if take some...."
"no! don't touch it,there is equal amounts of distrust
as luck i find within a spectral search concerning
this-the result of ignorance could be-bad,ok bud"i told
to him again the problems,i was the adventuring leader
so this time my statement should hold.
"ahhh but look,the simple swept liquid of clarity-is it
not so fine that only a an angel could have placed it
Uh oh-this was taking an effect on the dude,the
stratospheres of mind control could easily be latching
into his mind.If i wanted a result of safety obviousely
i was going to have to make the matter more clear.
"look,i know what i know-and the damndedness of angels
has been proven in the past,besides what are you going
to do empty a water canteen and dish in just like
that".But even as i finished sure enough that's what he
did,and i took my sword in a quick step towards him,set
to strike down the eels of under dark if that was to be.
"aah yes,maybe a sip for the journey will bring
strength,it's so pure-so me-so effervescent,some for
me-you want any."with that he gulped some,as i saw
motion in the water-i knew it- a gaurdian was about to
make the matter any more problematic.
"i am the angel of Dentron water's and i have allowed
you a supple bit of it to quench the doubting soul-the
ways of the underworld can make evil take it's hold and
sow-the hate of thye enslaving ones wish a war-to hells
course they believe they shall kill and lose - nor-if you
make this pact i will ask of a toll -that the demons and
aliens will destroy that they can never have a hold-do
my bidding now and maybe i will send anothetr charm,but
deny the water dranken it will do less good than
harm."-sure enough there was a she-angel in gowns and
glowing in a non-material form,swifted by unseen
breezes,a masqeraude smile across her powder fine face.OH
and she was violet too.
"well met miss angel-we are only trying to do as you
say-prevent the enslavory of humans-a war may be
near-and if you offer a blessing ....we'll do you're
bidding with great...cheer"i said being flippant trying
to gather wether or not she was to be trusted.
"oh yes,i feal the energy my angel love,how nice the
world is today when such wholly waters cleanse the
soul...the rrrgh aaahh-oh..oh no what's
happening!"Daltozti tried to speak to her all lovey
alive-and was doing fine but suddenly the wash of pond
mirk he gulped started to have a physical effect,and as
he writhed fallen to the ground,contortions on his back
wretched,and electro sifts of magic went about,he spazed
about,yelling,as i watched and looked at the bitch-her
fault easily-i've never faught an angel before-she was
actaully probably a fallen sort if you think about
it.His eyes turned black,then sprouting like time lapsed
photography two black feathered wings were on his back.
"oh my-(standing the shock over)i have wings!well this
is truelly a...a...(looked to me in a strange still
blessed escueness)blessing-i must do thy bidding
mis...?"asking for her name,in a new world of strange
half-bestial form he flitted them once.
"i am Sheiiza-the angel of torment of war-and my bidding
is that you free the crown of platinum thorns from
Melcore's palace held within a chest-this will ensure
that the battle of your kind versus the aliens is
attended by my powers-the crown must be used by a
female-one who can use magic-do you understand my
"hey-i may be cool but i'm no beauty pagaent goer-anyways
if you say so i fear we must-i don't know what you did
to Daltozti but scince you don't look like an evil
incarnation hiding behind a chick-we will try-may i
ask-what is the reason for the wings"i replied putting
my sword back in it's scabbard and wryly noting how
stupid Daltozti looked.
"these will lend flight in situations of terror-so that
you may have a fighting chance to do my bidding,and if
you are against a foe who has fallen from heaven itself
the wholly water will burn like acid of a thousand
nuclear generators upon it-if you are keeping the
promise-understood-got it-get it - good-fare well my
underlings"with that a great light scaffed as she
dissapeared,and 20 some daizys swashed,some into the
water,some on us,like silly hippies-oh well what can you
do with zealots of a cause like she was.
"well you've really done it this time dude-i mean it
might be ok,but i warned you're ass"i said picking the
flowers off as he took one to purchase upon each wing.
"la te da-joy to the world the angel blessed slayers are
made true-joy to us we know what we've got to do-come on
race you to the next oddity"
Ok he was crazy-sure enough as we started to dash,i
didn't want to start **** with the new found sense of
duty-he flapped a bit-and got some air-making 10 ft
bounds with the wings' help-but i was fast-and when he
ran into a tree on a leap i cruized past and we reached
a strange set of stairs going into the ground,the race
marker as fate had it-i won!
"oh-oops i didn't see that tree-i felt so free
flying-well it's ok i let you win so you could feal like
that occorance was a benefit too,actaully is the
reason...hmm steps-maybe"
"oh no you don't-enough is enough-you got you're
wings-but into the ground towards hell we aren't
going-ok"i had my hand at my sword-he slumphed-couldn't
beat me in brawl so that was that and we continued.
At the house,Niombe,felt a strange shock,and sense of
need to be involved more with her magic.The crown
certainly the reason,she made to a summoning room on the
second story and cast off her shirt and used magi powder
on her nipples,and fell into another dimension of
concentration-reaching through the void-a sense of
power-a series of glowing celestial stars,-a dancing
ceremony-the purity of being-a world at war-a being in
peace-the lashes of swords-,the need for a wholly
might-,the eyes of Dentron forest,there an angel,her
furry of the war to be,a sign-a strange sense of
magi-bond-a platinum crown of thorns-there in her vision
in the blackness it floated sending a message of take
me-bind the eyes of sweet Niombe with the torment of
war,with the powerfull loving touch of Sheiiza,you will
be pure sweet girl.-bam!She fell to the floor-spent yet
with virtue and hope,a visionquest of sorts unlike any
before-the answer to a prayer.


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Jul 13, 2002
well... does anybody have a word about this,i know the 'frames'
got shortened but the rest doesn't chop so badly,it's a sequel of course the first of whitch i can't really transfer to comp...but with no messages about what's written i can't make any more leaps
for imaginativce writting....

still no beta reader...but that may be ok,just a run through 'novella' really



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Jul 13, 2002
The Dentron Forest has written it's woe's,resurfaced the squeels of absent demons,and layd a bemused passage for the two fine adventurer's at it's footsteps:the dark and linguring prints of
doom,distrust,but a hope for purity-or a sound emmeliorent to the worlds egregious Satanic
problems:and I the asured master of treasons lucidious bounds,and what a fighter needs to
take the disgorgement of militant like magical forces and slam them back to their grave.All in all
it stood to stay-that we should be able to make past any more traps in our,way:little of soul statured,Mr. Daltozsti,and me Henry:what foolish creature,undead being,or alien even after knowing this presence,and illustriative strength should dare go before'st us(ha ha forEST get it

"no doubt,good Henry,there's a strange wave of mist approaching in the clouds beyond"the senoir,with beety wings and new found charisma also eloquized the situational,stating the
image that approached.

"yes,i see that,-in fact,the tree's are sparse,tis the end of the forest,and there....are the mountain
ranges that we shall find Melcore's Palace...shall we"i conjectured,good and good was all
**** the damn mists.

"oh....well...i suppose i could try an extra energy surge when we're beneath them and
investigate myself"

"or you could turn to **** walk in a circle and talk about it even if you try...ha ha ha"i had a laugh
off that one.

None the less we continued,the void of open space even a bit too elusive for tastes after
the blanket of trees,webbs of moss and rubbled scraps from mountain quakes lay about,searing
desolation and darker magics into the minds eye.As we stopped to take a place check,and of
course perhaps even further argue about wether mr Daltozti should you know check the weather,a dragon screetch pitched through the sky.

"ah ha!i told you the fiends of mists approach and we aren't prepared because you
did-"I cut the bud off.

"that's a dragon dear friend of a fool,and the sword in my hand and words of eloquence
i believe is all we should need for this encounter"I had my reasons,a beast of mythical
powers,certainly it couldn't be part of messy Alien takeover,or re-hashed Satanical themes.

The flurries whipped into revenance from the dark wings of the in flight granduer of
a mighty dragon,as sure as it was black in scales and 30 ft in length it's awefull horns
and snarling teeth,held together a wonderous appeal to all of the form of grandeur:for
tail or nought or dragons and wrought iron:tis the day i speak with the beast!!!

"hail...friend...we are on a mission to Melcore's Palace....i am Henry and this
is mr Daltozti!"i still held the sword,but vocalized an asured nobility for a greeting.

" seekers of fortune from the huanted realms...dare i say the palace of
Melcore in itslef is a dungeon of many vast be' st it...I am
Kelfoe...the Dark Master...i fly from region to region,killing the demons that
fail to kneel before me...and their corpses are drained of strength,and what power's i can take
while side stepping the unhwolly one,i use.....well...therefore the title master!"

What-this was a most irony set encounter,i've heard of wit,but the mortar and philospohies of this
great wyrme were exceedingly interesting.As i luaghed a little,not really doing other than
feining delight in the answer,to remian a suitable host,i knew i must countinue to strike
a conversation,and hopefully the sidekick wouldn't jump in and start a befumbled arguement.

"Then we shall fare well with thyne's appeal,friend,however i ask,what safe paths are there leading
to Melcore's palace...for though i have once met with him,this place i know not so well"

"and a little midevil lingo ..toodoo"mr Daltozti agreed,and beet a few wing flaps as well.

"ah ha!you're friend has wings,best they are from an Angel,for if not-!"the one known as Kelfoe,refurled
a talon,and staunted a swipe from several feet away jisting the death that was to be someone's who's been
touched by demon wings.

"Sheiiza has sent us a blessing,the uhm...well wings for him,and i've this wholly water,to burn demons in
ways that are cruel,if it pleases you?" i opened the container,and approached,and it wryly took hold
making a googled eyed expresseion,smelled it first,exhaling like a avid entrepuneur,then let a drop on
a finger and tasted it,closing the lid himself,and setting it on the ground before me.

"yes yes...quite a fine seal of heavens river of cleansing...the demons shall hate thee and hunt thee
as badly as myself should they find you have,these blessings...perhaps i shall just take you
to thee's end of quest as it is for now...hmmmm?"

The winds strapped our expressionedly free selves,the beast working powers of flight that
belittled the endentured servitude to gravity;tail switching groove for swoops,and snarls following
quick straffs past cavities in the valley's that made over the first cliff facade.Though Insurmountable,they
were a glory to float past,oblivious to the rough hewn rubble and shrubs that bonded them to their name as well
as their distance.As the sky turned to colors of washing golds,against the blackening sky,the severed ties
to what was real fell to an eye and ear for each of us.What words were there,was this a meditation,is there
some strange assimer calling from the palace?!

"there are messages sent for thee freinds...from a great female witch i don't doubt"The dragon held
the unchanged rythem,whilke still as concentrated as we were on this oddity.

"Niombe,she has two sister's Fentessa and Teisa,they work with must be"I hoped so,perhpas a word
that they were at least safe from the aliens,may lighten the mood for conquest of what the beast claimed was
a dungeon.

Soon enough we had an etheral image of Niombe,lit by a the light flicker of a candle,in deep meditation it
looked,then her eyes oponed and of course she spoke,somehow the image following us perfectly.

"there is a crown,for certain i can't say however i have a fealing,it will be found at Melcor'es has platinum thorns about it,and is of a great power...Sheiiza sent message,perhaps
if you suaght prayer with answer you will find"she sounded nearlyt ghost like,and the fact that
this was ablack magic illusion sent by god onlky knows to make us eat ****,was there,however i played

"yes,of course Sheiiza,great...great,we will certainly find this,what say you of it's powers dear

"there will be a war,the aliens soon will attack,the crown has a power,a blessed way,this angel is"

"i know the angel of war torment....ok...say what happened to the you know metal problem",celeverly i
spoke as i normaly do,with jabs into the intellect,using metal for knife,hoping the question could make
good for this little trick.


"uh oh...did you sense what i did about this ...message,i know what you were asking"Daltozti whispered
to me behind Niombe's back.

" mean the dagger,yep we melted it,we've done some nude ceremonies,no dwarfs this time,but
a great energy,we were enlightned,even special powder that rubbed all about for a bath,while touching-"

"ok,yeah yeah,just wanted to be sure it was you.....we shall go with this in mind...oh and if you can
see or not,this -"

"Kelfoe the Dark Master,i rid the lands of demons,and eat them relatively"

"oh marvelous..hail great Wyrme,heaven be with you journey,good luck mr Daltozti,kisses
Henry,fare well"with that she dissapeared,no real flesh exposure,none the less,one of those
cutesy girl talks butterflies type of encounter,and we were on our way anew.


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Jul 13, 2002
Dear God!Melcore's palace....surely that's what they were think when non other into view fell the place so named.A brgidoon general's place,a mighty unflawed perfect power structure,a darkened yet curiuosly powerfull looking defier of logic,no....the amzement nearly smaked right of the dragon,and into the courtayrd,where fortunately moments later we were able to make a landing.

"so a perfect castle,neat,shall we" i offered,after all no need to anounce houseguests to someone who wasn't there,even if at one time he was part of Satan and involved with saving the world.

"yes i think i may have to wait awhile,till the tea is brought to a place i can fit,such as this beutifull courtyard"Kelfoe stated.

"i need a shower,but admittadley i can smell the power"mr Daltozti was also pretty well enthused,at least for a person who had just spouted a set of fairy assed appendatures.

I looked about,Jesus Kelfoe was telling it like it was,the vines though left to no gardner for some time still looked perfectly annointed across some of the walls,creeping to the fine ironwork that branded the windows as non other than grande.The water well,next to us had a copper canopy still fine and unblemished,and
the bucket was set to roll.So we drank,trusting our instinct that this could prove a well worth it pit stop,not endless pit mind you.

"rhrhgm eerhmm uueyhm,ahhh that's better,now for that shower" Daltozti led the way to the largest 10 ft wide double door,and cranked them open using body weight.

Creeeek..rgghcreek....chink!Well that's done it,if any spells of protection or dejection or entrapment of ghouls was placed there,we'd know....but there wasn't.

"how do you say yo!Staff attend the guests in Abysall...ha ha haa....get it i know all about Melcore"

"so funny i nearly forgot to laugh"i replied,as the little looky loo instinct in me kicked in and we jammed past the first few closed doors and found ourselves ina grande,waiting chamber.The columns were bled with gold,like a cheapy house handy,trick,but more worthy looking,the ornation was rich,it was nearlt what Taj Mahal ish,with baby demons and angels sketched dancing with flutes lutes,and banjo's on the ceiling,and the heavens shall praise the mortals i thought....truelly stunning if the sister's could see this now,they might...well you know what they might do.

" then how about the mission,the crown,probably in the dungeon" i took my sword for safety,after all empty one second filled with the luster of evils the next did ring true to the varainces of this degree.


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Jul 13, 2002
Hello mr and misses doorway and stairwell where for art thee,fealing free,why don't you tell me.well the rhymes in my mind didn't exactly help,but it stayed the sillyness of Daltozti's super power efforts,and justly so becuase after awhile we found a peculiar door set several steps in from the hall.Repleat with curling vine work,midgaurd evangualistic etvhings,and iron latchwork all about it,there was a sign that this could be it.The sign that said in slang....Dirty Downstairs Damnation Zone.Ha Melcore does have a sense of humour,quite blunt too,for it was so written on the fabrications of this fine palace.I took precuation and turned the handle,....3 seconds later there she was,the turning stairwell into the darkness,but that was ok,becuase there were torch holders on the wall that soon gave way to our merry masquerade by being lit as we went.

"now let's play a game," i spoke in a nearly reprimandel tone to the comoanion 'angel'.

"yes....a game...i hear that,damn i haven't played Halo 3,or Mazey
Mist for years,miss that triple action plazma rifle you can"

"no!i meahn this...if i say stop you stop if i say fight you fight if i say run....get it"

"well,don't trust my instincts as much as you're own,very well,consider the game on,....let's see now,if i were you and you were me,jump!!Barf!!Fart!!Luagh!!"

"funny,i smell evil so just keep what i said in mind"i responded as much as i felt i shouldn't,perhaps keeping the cue of what i needed for him to be at ,but what can i say,the dude was reckless and needed guidence,and i was there to ensure that we worked together.

The strange elucid floor,was creeping with resonant magics,a sluff of cream there,a dash of powder over there in trhat corner,a mirage of oilish splatters leaving raindow encampments for the bonds of the craft that most have touched off in the place.Don't fear my little Niombe i shall be on the way,with you're platinum crown so soon i could nearly feal the ******* snowlflakes falling off the evrgreens looking from the castle window....or some saying such as that.

"you suppose we might find a weapon or interest for ourselves as well"
"you don't think the sword i got you is hot,i think our weapons are fairly smoothe"i jirated getting the idea that maybe there were weapons that had greater money value,but certainly not developed powerlord structure and vying wholesomness as these.

"no,fine....Jump!...ha ha ha got you almost didn't i"the poor old friend had reached the limit in this confined space,mustering foolish wit to keep fears locked away.

There before us the tortur room lay,yes that's no euphimism,there were chairs,wheels,chains,objects of clamping fascinations,and needles,and pokers and culdrens,and more.The blackened image of the arrea only discounted by the occasional blood smears on wood shackles and the sort.Well well well waht do we have here,a power chord attached to one of those massive 5 ft tower super conductors,say i wander if killed so painfully as it didn't,maybe i could brainwash Daltozti a little,impreganting attitude changes as i went,....naw **** that stupid idea.

A shower is what twas asked for and i dare say,over in one corner there appeared to be one,clouted into the remains of a cage,that look smashed by vicious claws,the spot was golden,but the drain beneath was clogged with bits of flesh,raggedly scale beast sorts,even some gizzard,liver,globuls etc were there.I scooped some into my hand and stepped to Daltozti who was looking for the knobs.

"i think this is more of an acid shower don't go there"

He sniffed the muck,then took a finger swip and taste,then said to himself 'hhmm...mmmh..hhmm..mmhmhmm'

"what"i knew there was another shielded mishumor there,...had to know despite this.

"lizard asses,not demon or other,i think maybe the man was making a legion of lizard gaurds,and did some...shall i say secret research"

"really,what makes you say that"
"for awhile there was talk of fighting Satans gaurds and the aliens with the sort,but all we ever got was two representatives from Earth,who said they might help,but they needed something from the Dentron forest,a likely step towards Melcore's involvement,but that we couldn't get much too dangerous"

"tell me about it"
"well there these banished"
"i know...forget it,now then we have what two halls there and there,then some brainstorming if we can't find it"
"very well,listen not to my stories....charleten!"

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