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Jul 6, 2003
I was reading that Jack will be promoted next season. i was also reading that a beloved character would not be coming back. I am wondering if

General Hammond is going to be killed off. This would clear the way for O'Neill to become the leader of all the SG teams while having to pick a replacement to head SG-1. I believe he would choose Carter since she is the next in line. As for the spin off series Atlantis, Carter could be the possible team leader since they would probably cancel SG-1 by the time Atlantis begins its run.

Well, according to season 7 spoilers, Janet Fraiser is killed off in the two part episode HEROES, so I would think that is the 'beloved' character, as heck, she's probably the one character no fan hates (not that I can think anything negative about Hammond either).

It is disturbing that we haven't had any news on whether Don S Davis is returning; you'd think Scifi would get on the ball and let the fans know.
Season 8 might really suck. Jack always clashes with authority figures, having him the head of the base won't work...he's also not beaurocratic enough to run the SGC. Hammond is great, I love em. He should stay and RDA should come back full schedule. He has had fans longer than his daughter and I think the show might have started before she was born. Dammit, RDA you're loyalties are owed to ME! ME ME ME!!!
I was wondering that when they promote Jack if he wouldn't run the SGC but run a base at the Alpha site (like I've read in soooooo many fanfics!!!)
This would leave room for both of them to still be on the show and we'd get some different stories coming out of it!

.....or maybe I'm totally off .... ;) :D
That's what I was thinking.:D could there be a J/S shipper if Jack gets promoted & transfered to an off world base no longer being her CO?:blush: oh the potential!:rolleyes:
mmmm....I'm totally with you there Annette :D More J/S ship would be great :D
Poor Skoon!! :rolly2:

Anyway, why are they stretching the end so long? I mean, the way they are going now in season 7, it's ridiculous. Do they have to keep killing people off or kicking them back to their own planet (you all know who I'm talking about), just so they have somthing to work with. I'm telling you they should have ended it at their height and start with whatever spin-off they wanted. I think they should have ended it at the end of season 6. It has to end some day and okay, I admit I'll dread that day but I just think they're overdoing it. Season 8 will never be the same if Colonel O'Neill isn't with his team. If Hammond would be gone, then we would loose a great leader. They're throwing the universe upside down with all their changes. Even a die hard fan can get seriously confused these days.

Anyway, if this isn't making any sense then just ignore it.


Falcon Horus ;)
Oh I'm sorry skoony luv, no idea why I said that.....sorry :(
Not paying attention.....
This is what had to say on this....spoilers ahead...

Mallozzi talks Season Eight changes
AUGUST 1, 2003

Co-executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has provided viewers with the first concrete information about Stargate SG-1's upcoming eighth season. In an interview at the Anime Evolution convention in Vancouver, Mallozzi hinted at Colonel O'Neill's possible promotion, and the introduction of a dangerous new enemy. Beware of spoilers below!

The conclusion to Season Seven will largely tie up storylines from the last few years of the show, including Anubis, the Ancients, and the Lost City. When the team returns next summer for Season Eight, Colonel O'Neill just might receive a promotion -- though that remains as yet undecided by the writers.

"That was a possibilty that we had discussed," Mallozzi said. "The fact that [Richard Dean Anderson] is not as available as he was in previous seasons -- he's only available for three days out of the week -- it would be easier to make him a less active member of the team. That said, a lot of people have been speculating that he might become a general, and General Hammond is going to ride off into the sunset. From a personal standpoint, I'm a very good friend of Don [S. Davis, who portrays Hammond]. I would be very sad to see him go. That would really be a last resort, if there's no other way. I think Don brings so much to the show, that right now I don't think anyone would consider anything like that."

If O'Neill may or may not be promoted, and Hammond may or may not exit the series, what do the writers know for sure about next season?

"For Season Eight, look for the introduction of a new villain to take over from the System Lords," Mallozzi said, and added that the team's new foe will not be a Goa'uld. "The Goa'uld will be around ... but let's just say that their power is waning. Over the course of Season Eight and particularly the spin-off, [the S.G.C.] will be facing a dire new threat."

The spin-off is Stargate Atlantis, which The Sci-Fi Channel plans to premiere next summer. Co-creator Brad Wright has promised a new villain to replace the Goa'uld for Atlantis -- villains who will apparently now be introduced in SG-1 Season Eight.

"Hopefully, we'll not only be working on Season Eight next year, but on the spinoff as well," Mallozzi said. "We're still awaiting official word on that."
maybe the...
new vilans turn out to be the ancients?
The conclusion to Season Seven will largely tie up storylines from the last few years of the show, including Anubis, the Ancients, and the Lost City

Doubt the Ancients will be the enemy. Prolly nothing we have seen before.

The way that news is phrased is Atlantis won't start untill AFTER Season 8? Maybe they are going to schedule it so that SG-1 Season 8's first half plays early-to-late summer, Atlantis season one plays straight through during the 6-month gap in SG-1, and then the final half of SG-1 plays. Then next year Atlantis takes over when SG-1 used to air.
I would be in favour of O'Neill being promoted if the character becomes more professional to meet his new responsibilities. His current behaviour is inappropriate for the position he occupies and would certainly not be tolerated in a general if the writers have any respect for real-life procedure. IMHO O'Neill's promotion could be an interesting sideline of how a clown changes when he is required to run the whole circus.
i think that they're geting rid of Hammond, not fraser!! I've heard more that hammond was being killed off, which i think would make more sense.. I would love to see carter take command of sg1!!!!:rolly2:
Spoiler Killing:
when they were filming on my street a few weeks ago, one of the crew came over & was yacking away & saying how of course they are losing Doctor Fraiser because she gets unless he's pulling our leg, which I don't think...he was telling us about the scrip they were currently filming as if we weren't hard core fans...saying things like "we have these really bad evil guys called the goold" so I think he must have been telling the truth...oh & Sam's Black Widowness hits again I'm afraid...
Hey Ppl
I just watched the final part of Season 7 (Here in the UK, a bit behind the states i know :() And i bin readin how in season 8 Jack might b getting promoted to General. Does any1 know how Jack comes back to life, from what i understand after Jack used the Ancients weapon and destroyed anubis he appeared to be frozen after Tielt places him in some machine

Cheers Guys and Gals :coolyello
Having just watched the end of S7, leaving Dr. Weir in charge of the civilian agency and promoting Jack would still leave plenty of room for clashes between his style of military and her style of civilian. No need to kill off Hammond. Poor man has been talking "retirement" for years. Perhaps he becomes a special liason for the President or maybe he could pick up a nice Tok'ra and work alongside of Jacob.

"Grace" pretty much ended the idea of J/S ship. They can't be on the same team or the same command structure. If Jack is across the galaxy running the Alpha site, then not much ship there. Besides Sam's got a cute guy on the side who seems to have some sort of connection to TPTB :rolly2: I don't reckon they're going to let her cheat on the family franchise.

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