3.02: Phoenix

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The Truth Is Out There
Nov 18, 2001
Jonathan and Clark plummet into an underbasement and fight it out. Clark destroys the ring rather then kill Jonathan. The scar disappears and Jonathan's power-charge dissipates and the two return to Smallville. Clark reveals the item he stole from Lionel was a vial of his blood which they destroy. Edge comes to Smallville demanding the blood and takes Jonathan and Martha hostage to force Clark to give him the blood. Clark uses a piece of green kryptonite to give him some more blood. Edge hauls Clark away and gives the blood to Lionel, claiming he can provide the blood's source, while Lana helps the Kents get free. Clark gets clear and blows up the truck before Lionel can see his face and in the shootout between Edge and Lionel, Morgan falls into the water and Clark escapes unseen. And Clark and Lana kinda/sorta resolve things again but still finally break up.

Meanwhile Lex returns and confronts his father, who tells him of Helen's story. We find out Lionel and Edge go way back, and Edge paid off Helen. Lex confronts Helen but she has a different story to cover her escape and claims she gave Lionel the blood to get him out of their lives, then she offers to have the marriage annulled. Lex suggests they give it a second chance but figures out Helen's responsible and confronts her with his knowledge, she tries to kill him and then parachutes away. Lionel and Lex reconcile and set to go into partnership, and Lex bails out the Kent farm.
This one left me feeling that everyone in Metropolis knows that Clark is "special".

Just how many people are investigating Clark? The reporters from the opening show calling Clark an "urban legand", Chloe, Lionel, Morgan Edge who accidently found out about him, who else will pop up?

Where is Pete? He has made only a brief appearance and is not scheduled for a while.

I am really getting sick of the on again, off again relationship of Clark and Lana. Chole has another chance, will she just use him to get what she wants for Lionel or will she tell him what Lionel is up to?

Lex and Lionel together again, oooooo what will become of Clark now?

Will Lex every find true love? All of his women seem to want to kill him.

Will they bring back any mutants that was changed by the krponite rocks?
I'm not sure whether I liked this episode or not. There wasn't anything wrong with it, it's just one of those episodes that you forget about as soon as you watch it.

I did like the fighting between Clark and Jonathan, that was very cool. Jonathan should get to fight people more, he's got some moves! Like when he smashed the chair he was tied to and attacked the thugs? Very awesome. :D

Also liked Lana kicking butt. But why does she always turn into such a wimp around Clark? One minute she's girl-power personified, the next minute she's begging Clark for forgiveness, when she should be the one making him beg! :mad:
But now... dun dun DUN!!!... she's killed a man! :eek: What's gonna happen with that?

Originally posted by DarkCity545
Where is Pete? He has made only a brief appearance and is not scheduled for a while.
I was wondering that myself. Wouldn't Clark go to tell his best friend that he's back in town? The only thing I can think of is that the guy who plays him had something going on in RL and couldn't film. Not that I'm complaining, I never really liked Pete all that much. ;)

Originally posted by DarkCity545
Will they bring back any mutants that was changed by the krponite rocks?
I really miss the good old days of 'Freak of the Week'. Why do all shows like this have to end up with big confusing plot lines? Simple is better. :p
pete ross (samuel l. jones) is no longer going to be a main character. he has been placed on recurring status. pete will not be in the opening credits.

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