3.01: Exile

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The Truth Is Out There
Nov 18, 2001
It's three months since Clark left Smallville, he's in Metropolis using the alias of Kal and using his powers to illegally steal money and live the high life under the influence of the red kryptonite ring while his chest scar causes him pain. His activities bring him to the attention of crimelord Morgan Edge who offers him a job. We find out Chloe knows where Clark is but he threatens to flee even further if she reveals his secret.

Back in Smallville the Kents (who are about ready to lose their farm) and Lana are worried while Lex is still missing and presumed dead. Chloe is still meeting with Lionel who wonders what happened to the keyhole in the cave and believes it's related to Clark's departure, he's also not pleased with Chloe's lack of success in getting information on Clark. At the funeral he's hostile toward Helen, whom he apparently suspects of killing Lex. We find out that Helen claimed to have been left on the plane and Lex lost his life rescuing her when the pilot abandoned them.

Lex is still alive, recovering from malaria on a deserted island with another castaway, Louis Leery, who has been there for some time. Louis is accepting of their mutual situation and refuses to help Lex while reminding Lex of his suspicions about Helen. Lex discovers Louis killed his father and wonders if he will end up killing him. He is found by a local man and it turns out Louis was a hallucination.

Chloe breaks down and tells Lana where Clark is, she confronts him and stays with him long enough to get hold of the Kents and let them know where he is. Jonathan prepares to go after him after taking the octagonal key to the cave, the voice of Jor-El speaks up and charges Jonathan with energy. After Lana's betrayal, Clark accepts Edge's offer, the job is to break into a LuthorCorp office and steal a package out of a reinforced safe. Clark breaks in but Jonathan arrives and confronts him, using superspeed, he leaps out the window with Clark . . . (to be continued)
I finally got a chance to see the season opener!! It was excellent!

I was impressed with this bad boy! The other times he became bad was just not right, something was missing!

I was giddy when he went into the phone booth because of the "S" scare on his chest! Yeah he used a phone booth, now thats Superman!

I hope Chloe will come to her senses and leave Lana and Clark alone, but I fear he has really blown it with Lana this time. The only way to get her back now is to tell her the truth. Honestly I don't think she could handle it.

The fight with his father was a turning point for Clark, even with the ring he could not kill. Hopfully he will realize the message his true father left was not what he thought it was.
Completely agreed about bad boy Clark - yummy ;) And it was written/ and acted really brilliantly. There was just something about his 'air' that seemed different.

It seems to me that Chloe has gotten over her crush and isn't so much jealous of Lana anymore as she is worried.

I was really really upset about Helen being hired by Luthor - i liked her :(

And the thing with Leery being imagined - very weird :D
Finally I get to see season 3, and I have to say, I wasn't disappointed! :D
(Well, except for the time they decided to show it - 3:30 on a Sunday? What's that about?) But back to the episode... ;)

First of all, Clark. I love the bad-boy thing (especially the motorbike and sunglasses, he looks so yummy!:naughty:), and I thought that Tom Welling did a great job at displaying that side of the character. Especially the bit where he was yelling at Chloe, that was just plain scary!

Not too sure about the Lex situation. I thought that the desert island scenario was very cliche, but it was a nice twist that the other guy was all in his mind. One question - was it a dead body, or a skeleton or something in the river? Cos I saw Lex reaching into the water, and then Lewis(?) said something like "I see you've met my father." I'm thinking that maybe a bit was chopped out because of the time it was on at, that just confused me a little.

Hmm, what else? It looks like Helen arranged Lex's plane crash. I'm not surprised at her, but I did think that she and Lionel were in on it together.

And it was a nice cliff-hanger ending. Am I right in thinking that Jor-El gave Jonathan super powers so that he could get Clark back? I was wondering how he'd gotten into the building without anyone stopping him, I just thought that Lionel had stupid guards. :p
But why didn't they just use some green Kryptonite like last time to stop Clark? Don't they still have any? (Sorry, it's been ages, I can only vaguely remember what happened last season :rolleyes:).

So overall, very happy with this as a season opener, and can't wait until next week! :D
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