Will Channel 4 repeat season 1?

Drew. M

call me **Drew or Andy**
Nov 10, 2001
Where I missed season 1 :mad: . I really wanna see it, so if anyone of ya know any info then please post.:rolly2: Thanks in advance.:rolly2:

where do you come from my name is andrew aswell and they call me drew you can buy season 1 on dvd now its only £50 it is brilliant you wouldnt buy anychance no when season 3 is coming on channel 4 would you mail back plz you get me at bendyourarms@yahoo.co.uk
I doubt they'll be repeating season 1 anytime soon, cos they already repeated it once (I think it was sometime on a Saturday or Sunday). Plus, season 3 should be starting within the next few weeks, and they won't have repeats on at the same time.

So I think your best bet, if you can afford it, is to buy the DVD. :)

thanks for that ill be looking forward to seeing it I remember now they repeated season 1 on e4 after season 2 finished on e4 while they were still playing season 2 on channel 4 i now sounds confusing is it ttrue that jonathan kent gets superpowers from jor el and trys to stop clark season 3 is going to be sweet
Whoa, remember to breathe! :lol:

I don't know anything that is gonna happen in season 3 (i'm trying desperately to remain spoiler free), but I can't wait for it to start on C4. :D

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