7.21: The Lost City (part 1)


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Jan 5, 2001
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Sky One has shown this now and it follows on directly from 'Inauguration'. It is a pilot for 'Atlantis', but it isn't an SG-1 'light' episode, it actually features Jack more than the rest of this season put together. There isn't much off-world action except at the start, but it does feature Bra'tac. It also has some light-hearted moments with SG-1 and Hammond off duty at Jack's house.

The spoilers seem to be almost completely correct. Daniel decifers some code and thinks that he has found another of the Ancient devices for receiving their knowledge like the one in 'The Fifth Race'. Hoping that this will lead them to the location of the 'Lost City' they go to a planet to investigate. Their has been one of those Goa'uld probes seen so they take along two other SG teams for back-up.

Just as they find the device, Anubis turns up. Unable to work out how to safely download the information, and not wanting to give it to Anubis, Jack wants to blow it up. Daniel thinks it is their only hope to find the 'Lost City' and wants to put his head in, but instead Jack "I did it again" does. This is why Jack is dying. They cannot contact Thor, who helped save Jack last time.

Hammond is relieved by Dr Weir and meets the President in Washington. Hammond is thinking of retiring, but the President has another unspecified job for him.

Bra'tac arrives saying that Anubis is going to attack Earth in three days time. Anubis thinks that they now have the location of the 'Lost City' and it's powerful weapons at their disposal.

Jack begins saying odd things. Bra'tac and Teal'c return to Chu'lak to gather some help for Earth. Dr Weir stands up to Kinsey


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Sep 24, 2000
Jack begins saying odd things. Bra'tac and Teal'c return to Chu'lak to gather some help for Earth. Dr Weir stands up to Kinsey


and i'm so glad she did.....is it just me or is kinsey really, really, really going crackers??? heck, i half expected him to pull a gun and start shooting or start frothing at the mouth or something

as an individual eps, it really wasn't that fantastic...but like evolution and heroes one, it's setup. something that's necessary

we do finally get to see an example of the fanfic staple, the kids hanging at jack's house


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Jun 18, 2003
Yeah, good eposode. I think this two-parter might be something that I end up watching a lot, like the season opener. I watched the episode twice last night (my freind came over after it was on so we watched the tape).

The scene where they find the repository was cool, some great FX there. Sure, it's the ONLY FX in the episode, but because of that the small scene had movie-level FX.

Also liked the begining of Jack's House scene. Very reminiscant of Daniel's heart-to-heart with Jack in COTG. When everyone else showed up it sort of changed though. IMO the scene was a little long, but still good. Also, Daniel was a little out of charecter it seemed. Another familier scene was the "Derentus" exchange, obviously an homage of sorts to The Fifth Race's very similar "cruvus" scene.

Jack and the crossword was cool too, and the highlight line of the episode: "Has Hammond of Texas fallen i battle?"


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Aug 31, 2001
There was an inconsistency in this episode (nothing new, of course). Jack tells Daniel not to take on the Ancients' library because only Daniel can translate for Jack once he loses the ability to communicate in English.

Hmmm, I recall Jack and Teal'c spending weeks to master Latin so that Daniel can translate the Ancient language at the temple in "Window of Opportunity." Have both of them really grown so rusty that neither can translate for a team member speaking Ancient?

Of course, Jack is the hero of the show and therefore has to be the one who makes the supreme sacrifice of having his head grabbed. I just wish the writers had picked a less transparent reason for the plot development.

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