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Jul 1, 2003
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SG-1 feature film now Season Seven finale
JUNE 25, 2003

The anticipated feature film debut for Stargate SG-1 is now the gigantic Season Seven finale! Co-executive producer Joseph Mallozzi told fans in an online chat at StarGateNews.De last weekend that "the movie has been pushed back for the time being," pending a decision about the future of the television series and its upcoming spin-off, Stargate Atlantis.

"Brad and Robert [Cooper] are working on the 2-part Season Seven finale and will be working on the pilot script to Stargate Atlantis," Mallozzi told fans. "Because of the pick-up for Season Seven, the movie has been pushed back and, as a result, the story that was to be told in the movie will now be told as the two-part season finale to Season Seven."

Since the story sets up Atlantis, the spin-off series could follow immediately in 2004, regardless of whether SG-1 gets a feature film.

MGM, The Sci-Fi Channel and the Vancouver-based production team are currently in negotiations over the future of the Stargate franchise. Co-creator Brad Wright's original plan was to follow the end of SG-1 with a big-screen adventure for the team, which would have in turn set up the premise for the spin-off television series.

Now, The Powers That Be are considering whether the next step for the franchise is an eighth season for SG-1, a feature film, Atlantis, or some combination thereof. "The rumors of an eighth season are very serious," Mallozzi said. "Sci-Fi (our U.S. broadcaster) is very happy with the show. We premiered with record ratings for the Season Seven premiere and they are in talks with regard to Season Eight and the spin-off series, Atlantis, as well."

Read the complete chat transcript at StarGateNews.De! GateWorld will continue to bring you the very latest on the future of Stargate as it develops.
I also read this. But its going to be a shame if stargate ends at the end of season 7. I think stargate should run for a decade. Ever since my dad bought me the movie back in 94 when I was 8yrs old, I loved the movie. And Stargate appeared in 97, its an ingenious storyline of mythology. This has been the first show that really got me interested in sci-fi. **Stargate Rules**:rolly2: :alienooh:
Personally I'd say "Stargate SG-1 should run as long as they've got GREAT scripts, and stop when they only have good ones..." so that they go out on top.

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