7.11: Evolution - Part One


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Jan 5, 2001
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Originally posted by Giorgio
They look kinda like a Predator ...

I thought it looked more like the 'Guyver'.

No, not 'McGuyver' :D

The 'Super-Soldiers' were in the 'X-Files'. I was ready for Jack to make some quip about the 'X-Files' when Sam said that, but he missed his chance.

I liked most of the episode, but there were a few things stopped it from going in the Hall of Fame. The South American archaeological trip was so clichéd.... the 'Indiania Jones' temple traps, the greedy guide, the kidnapping bandits :rolleyes:

One thing I did notice was that while the kidnapping was genuinely frightening, at the same time Jack, Sam and Teal'c were locked up on an alien planet by nasty aliens. There was no equal sense of anxiety about their predicament, and that says a lot to me about how easy-to-defeat the Goa'uld have now become. That's the reason why they need to introduce Half-Ascended Goa'ulds and Super-Soldiers at all.

Also, that whole mission to capture the Super-Soldier was supposedly to be able to interrogate one. What did they find out? That he works for Anubis. What useful information! All those Jaffa and SGC personnel died to find that out.

Okay, suddenly they find this Tok'ra memory device and get more useful information, but shouldn't they have assessed the usefulness of the mission first before committing to it.

And all of the 'Fountain of Youth' legends in the world relate to a single South American temple, that no one knows anything about about, but that anyone walking by could literally fall into?

For that matter, Daniel's grandfather sure was secretive about his work. Why does Daniel bother searching for anything new himself? He should just go and dust off a few more old notebooks from granddad.

I liked the episode, but...

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