There needs to be a thread about William Gibson


swinging to the tunes
May 30, 2003
People have differing opinions about William Gibson. Some people think he's a visionary, some people didn't see the point of his books, some people say he's sold out.

Whatever people's opinions may be, a SF forum needs a dedicated thread about William Gibson. That's basically why I started this thread.

Maybe it's because my family background is Japanese, and maybe it's also because I have this dark streak in me, but I related to his books in a way I haven't to any other author's books. I think his writing style is amazing and his books will forever be a part of me.
I wish I could pay tribute to Gibson by making statues to represent his characters, or painting scenes from his books. I can't though, so I've started this thread.
Oh, there are plenty, now. :)

I've been adding author names as tags to their discussion threads, so if you see a name as a red link, click it, and you'll see the threads I've already tagged for that. I've just done a load for William Gibson and Neuromancer. :)

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