Poll Whats your favorite episode of season 2

Drew. M

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Nov 10, 2001
Whats your favorite episode of season 2?

Episode 1 - The Serpent's Lair
Episode 2 - In the Line of Duty
Episode 3 - Prisoners
Episode 4 - The Gamekeeper
Episode 5 - Need
Episode 6 - Thor's Chariot
Episode 7 - Message in a Bottle
Episode 8 - Family
Episode 9 - Secrets
Episode 10 - Bane
Episode 11 - The Tok'ra (Part One)
Episode 12 - The Tok'ra (Part Two)
Episode 13 - Spirits
Episode 14 - Touchstone
Episode 15 - The Fifth Race
Episode 16 - A Matter of Time
Episode 17 - Holiday
Episode 18 - Serpent's Song
Episode 19 - One False Step
Episode 20 - Show and Tell
Episode 21 - 1969
Episode 22 - Out of Mind

I would of done it in a proper poll but the maximum is 10 so its never gonna fit all 22 eps on there.:alienooh:

I guess if I have to pick only one, I'll go with "The Fifth Race". Good action and drama.

This is such a good season that it's almost impossible to pick one. I'm torn between 'The Fifth Race' and 'Need', but if I have to choose, I think it'd have to be 'Need'. There's so much tension in it, plus 'the hug' at the end. :)

I also love the way Sam says, "You get dinner?" so longingly. :D Brilliant!

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Hatshepsut :wave:
i like the fifth race and in the line of duty. second runner up is tok'ra, parts one and two. that be all.
deffinetly has to be in the line of duty, for one it has carter in it, secondly it has a good plot!!!:rolly2: :rolly2:
Definetly The Tok'ra Part 1 and 2. The Serpent's Song and The Fifth Race come in close second.
I change my mind, forgot i even posted here:rolly2: :rolly2:

Its tied between in the line of duty, and the tokra parts 1+2
Episode 1 - The Serpent's Lair
Episode 5 - Need
Episode 9 - Secrets
Episode 14 - Touchstone
Episode 15 - The Fifth Race
Episode 16 - A Matter of Time

I can't narrow it down any more.
As I was bored and awake early hours of Sunday morning (back probs!!!) I decided to watch some S2 - the two I picked were Fifth Race and a Matter of Time. The next one to watch was gonna be 1969 but by then I didn't have the TV to myself anymore!

So I'm gonna go with A Matter of Time as my fave, closely followed by the other two.
Can't do just one...

Okay, I'll go with 'Need' and 'The Serpent's Lair' followed by 'Secrets' and 'A Matter of Time'.

Hard decisions, but I like how they build the characters and backstory.

The DVD that 1969 is on is funky, I can't play a 5-minute chunk of it (right after the credits). That's where a lot of the cool stuff happens, too. I gotta buy the 5th disc of the 2nd seperate season one of these days.
Lots of Action in Tokra I and II. That's my personal favourite.