Favorite Mutant X Quotes


Fear is the mind killer.
Jan 18, 2002
What are some of your favorite Mutant X quotes? Here are a few of mine:

The Shock of the New:

Emma: "Well I don't have any powers, and I'm certainly not a freak like you two."
Jesse: "Freak?"
(Jesse leaves, Shalimar goes feral and walks away)
Adam: "Jesse is very sensitive, and Shalimar is very territorial and very protective of the people she loves. And that includes Jesse."

Adam: "Just like in the movies."

I Scream The Body Electric:

Shalimar: "I would have gotten him."
Adam: "I don't doubt it."

Shalimar: "The bigger they are, the faster they run."
Brennan: "That's because he knows I can light him up like a Christmas tree."

Adam: "Welcome to Mutant X. God help anyone who tries to stand in our way."

In the Presence of Mine Enemies:

Adam: "Understanding your opponents weaknesses is important in everything in life."

Toni: "It's like Everest. You do it because it's there."

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