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Highlander II

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Jun 6, 2001
Michael T. Weiss will be guest-appearing on Crossing Jordan tonight at 22:00 hrs EST (check local listings for times) on NBC. (in the US - sorry I don't have other country info - if anyone does - post it please!)

He will be appearing (for the 2nd time) as Jordan's brother.

The first episode he was in, he wasn't seen much - he showed up near the end. Not sure what he'll be up to in this one - I'll let you know after I see it tonight.
Well, slightly disappointing appearance - not b/c he wasn't there much (well, he kinda wasn't) - but he was only in Jordan's dreams - telling her 'truth' -- however, it was a 'to be continued' episode - so maybe he'll show up in the next one - part 2 is next week --

Maybe they'll find a way to put his character to better use ---

we'll see - the ep was rather interesting though -- nice A-plot / B-plot working --- (if only Joss Whedon would figure out how to do that more often! :D)
Michael's new play, "Fences" premiered a couple of weeks back, i saw some pics of him and he still looks GREAT

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