7.06: Lifeboat

Oct 31, 2002
My two cents: (With some hints to the next half of S7 and little of S8.)

I thought this episode was so ripping off many Stargate, Trek and nearly every other sci-fi out there. I mean the exact same thing was done with Seven of Nine in the show and the books (Written by Christie Golden and done much better than the TV show.) There were children personalities in that and all.

And in both episodes the actors got the chance to show off what they could do. Jeri Ryan did a little better job that MS I think, as now you guys come to mention it it was very Shatner esque. :)

Other than this episode being not only simmilar to others, even the previous one, I did like the nice focus on Janet, and her interaction with Daneil. They just got him back and are not willing to lose him again this easily. :)

Overall though I have found the episdoes in S7 rather forgetable or ones I just do not wish to see again. The season opener was exciteing and I enjoyed that, Fradgile Balance is my fav so far, Orhpeus just, I didn't like it, 45 mins of character whumping I don't enjoy. (Hence you don't catch me watching eps like The Devil you Know very often if at all.) But the character development for Teal'c was needed as I was begining to wonder what had happened to his mental state after he lost Jr. The perious two just seemed like a big yawn and budget saving episodes that shouldn't have been put after one another, perhaps a few more meaty eps that were driven by the central plot inbetween the two would have made them easier to swallow.

You also wouldn't believe how much I'm missing Jack. He's been such a central character for years. I miss his interaction with Daneil and Teal'c and mostly Sam. It is nice though to see the other actors get a chance to be in the lime light though. Then I have to ask why some characters may not be around much longer?!

Don't get me wrong I love Stargate, have Seasons 1-5 on DVD boxset (and eargerly awaiting Season 6) Though I think that stretching it out to now a confirmed Season 8 is going a bit far and will degrade the show. I find myself wishing that Jonas was there if not Jack, and that isn't going to happen. They should have left this Season as the end and concentrated on rouding up story lines, answering questions, and generally saying goodbye to these characters we have all come to know and love, in a way that will not make us reach for the Kleenx for crying our little hearst out over the fact that someone has died. (Simmilarities to Voyager here are endless, need I mention Cary?)

To end this amazingly negative post with a positive note, I am looking foreward to Space Race (even though it is another Voyager plot I recoginise) and Avanger 2.0, Chimara, simply as it will answer what happens to Sarah/Osiris and most notably The Lost City, there are a few more eps but these are the ones that first srping to mind that I know and hope I will enjoy.



Jul 15, 2004
I have to say this episode is one of my faves from the whole of season 7. I have had many a chance to re-watch with the commentary as well.
I agree that the plot is fairly similar to pervious plots but the script really did play to MS strengths and I thought both he and Teryl were amazing in this episode.
The Bostonian accent Michael used I thought was amazing. I can't praise him high enough in this regard. I think he was simply amazing to be able to hold out attentions for that long with nothing but Teryl and a dark room to interact with.
The only scene which does annoy me and I think this most comes after watching the DVD with the commentary is the last scene when Daniel reawakens. RDA was never actually there to interact with the other actors for personal reasons. The camera keeps clipping back and forth from various characters and I really do see quite obviously that he was'nt there.
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