7.02: Homecoming


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Jun 18, 2003
I think this is one of those split episodes. I like all the scenes on Anubis' ship, and all the Dan/Jonas stuff, but the planetside stuff is pretty dumb. Teal'cs stuff with Kevin Ohtsji is sort of neutral.


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May 24, 2001
I really liked this ep
I liked the stuff with D/J on the ship and how they ringed down and hit a jaffa with a crate (that made me laugh)
I also like the stuff with T and the other Jaffa
I liked everything really :D
(especially when Sam dived for the Head Jaffa and knokcked him over YOU GO GIRL!!)



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Jan 5, 2001
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I liked this ep too. I did find it a bit cheesy when Jonas pushed Daniel out of the way. It was obvious that the "now we are even" part was coming, and sure enough Daniel said "I owe you one", to which Jonas replied "Makes it square".

As if that makes up for all the horrid things we said about him when Daniel died saving Jonas!

Still I didn't expect to see Jonas leave, he's really grown on me.

Colonel sir

Sep 6, 2003
Quite the opposite, he's really shrinked on me.;)

But I got over it quickly so...

An classy conclusion to Fallen, it was as I expected, an entertaining episode. Oh, and the O'Neillisms:"Hence, why you're an idiot."

"Public is fine."

And then theres Baal, one of the coolest post season 3 goul'ds. Notice how he chews the scenery in just that one scene near the end, you know, the one with just that one spitting line of dialogue?"Your ship is at my mercy, surrender now."

Notice how he smiles with mockery and glee? I love that...in my opinion, just one of many reasons he ranks highly behind Apophis and Sokar is due to his overall fitting lines of course!;)

And the Jonas send-off, well, although he's not the most endearing character, it still, surprisingly, became disheartening after an year of having him around to see him leave in that fashion. But I got over it of course...;)

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