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Jul 13, 2002
the cold breezes flurried about half crafted by the gloaming macabre that stood to punctaute the night air,and in their own resiliance as a making of nature that luaghed at all of life wich breathed on it's own,the ratt scurrying the ground;past few remaing withered cobblestones;or the human accompanyd by fear and a fragile body to the freeze.
Ashianda was little more than used to these storms,followed with hail and little other than an exhuberance wich for told of greater troubles than the refurbishment the cascading dance of water on the land offered.Shields that stood the weather of lores,a finer metal,painted with a code of arms,made their usefullness when the pellets reigned down in heavy hail;the finest ones not even a rust bratch from so many a storming times.She trusted the weapons and armoue she used,but did't much care to have her sword taste a contempt of course from battle;except of course for blood of an enemy,though even these enemies sometimes matched the plethera of bloody wounds with the angered accentaution of rain or sleet.
Standing there alone she began to drift unconciously to the sites of what may have been the glory days of the ruins of quarry,castle blocks she glanced at,with no form left,just indecent croppings of once walls and fine hallway or courtyard grounds.The Lether,the king of demon emulsed overlords surely was one to have had a keep within the area,the forest a darkly creeping evergreen,with coarse bark and little wild life.The hills with only grass and occasional shrubs held the ways between forest croppings,so ones protection was gained,and now as the nightstorm lashed across the clearing she thought of the grandeur of the rights of such keepers,high ones,a perfecty place to build a castle and send messengers across the ways and hold tower watches to fortell of approaching bandits trying to sneek their way from the forest brim.
"hello!my lady?"a man suddenly broke her tracking awe of that wich could be
"what-who are you,what are you doing in this wicked place in the rain?"she turned with hand at her sword and responded
"me-i'm just the messenger to the grand Freathos,tournement of swordfighters is soon,and well-my lady to some you are spoken of as Ashianda the great,a certain invitation is now...formely presented"with that the man waved an arm and bowed then presented a letter of invitation with 2 gold twins,curled to a cylander.
"so this all,you found me a mile from the closest village,whoever told i should like to know,and if i accept this-this paper-i must appear?"
"quite so,i believe the grand Freathos might consider the denial of invitation a contempt worthy of a...well...a punishment"
"threats and wild invitations,you certainly lead a risky life if this is how you approach all cuthians-and i asked you who reported my whereabpouts to you?"she put the letter in her light ropish belt about her waist,and sneerd towards the man
"the lady of the inn was permitted by me with a small bribe to tell me of your location,actaully,well sorry to interrupt your...personal ruins study i'll be going,could be Lycenthropes around the south in the night i once heard"the mean turned and jooed away,starining she heard a horse go to trott in the distance.
Bursting into the inn the patrons turned and though her sight familiar scaffed at the billowing composure she had.The room had tables and a drimking bar and food was served often folks who weren't stayng at the inn enjoyed the front room,each spending for anothers round of ale on some nights,and the fire kept glowing and the waitress hospitible;a fortune of good business issued.She marched to the bar area wher the lady innkeeper was checking signatures for the past week,and huffed into her face.
"and my name is Ashianda,and you name!! inkeeper,not information bleeting goat that talks for money..or..or threats of being tossed into the moat!!"
"sorry my girl,i thought you might like the invitation,i certainly liked the gold coin offerd by Freathos's messenger"the mid aged woman with lareg breasts,layedred dressings and an older complexion,turned on her stool and sat the book in her lapp and responded.
"seeing as it is a time when a fine women of the cut of knaves as myself could make a trun of tiddings for her name,i'll let it pass,except i'm afraid i too will accept the bribr of all the information you have about this event and Freathos-or i'll turn the tables upside down and swath off a clump of hair from an innocent maiden!"she took her sword and switch and swirled it once turning to the folks now intensly watching her,as wetness dripped to the ground and dropleets fell from her active wrist holding the sword to.
"my,my,we can talk Ashainda,there's little a local as yourself has to do but ask"the innkeeper lady responded sarcastically,a bit in lament
The room broke out in a few snipes and some laughter,more with the goings on,than at no perception of the rank the fine Ashainda carried.
Once lead to a revolt when she was young Ashainda began the ways of sword use soon after the frightening experiance.Her parents where simple shop keppers and had passed away several years ago,though they hade pride for what she claimed in honour about ways of virtue,and being a female.Often she had asked her fathers one friend who was a retired knight from the Keep of Khralizeer to fence off with her,driving him to n fro with wild techniques and quickly tiring the teacher,yet to her a learning proccess just the same.Now however lifes didain for the elemnts of peace with swordsmanship was all to threating and real,as if cut through the gut she swiped a light cloth across her blade and set it to her hip.The journey to the west should take quite some time and hopefully the paths there should still be lingering from the trade routes that make their way about.A few supplies and her favorite horse were provided by the villagers who cheered and waved as she left the outskirts of town.
The approach for a certain Friath species delegate to the contest was certain to cross her path.The Fraith are lightly tinged blue skinned mage/warriors who use copper weapons and have vicoius pointy teeth,and crude attitudes.Though they spend the worth of their strenth generaly for good and the free will of the people.This canidate for champion among fighters was all to sure of himself and considered the invitation a bit strange,lacking the merit of challenge,at least by any he had known of.On the second day of Ashianda's travels at a crossing of paths the Fraith approached the intersection as well from the south east.
"Hail!How fare you today good sir?"she called out in a typical greeting
"Hmmph,female human-you have quite a charm of lightheartedness here in the south,you dare take such untraveled routes by your pitiful self?"the FRiath shack and half turnbed the ride in response
"You're-excuse me -a Fraith?Very proud namesake,i might ask your name before you offer to gaurd my journey?"
"I'm Felikeries,the last terror mage of the cairn Theanitos,and invitee to the swordsman toeunement,as now that i look at you i assume my protectorate servives have found a fellow challenger to the same"Felikeries turns ride to right direction and Ashainda makes to beside him
"Well.i'm Ashainda and we shall go together then,however i won't teach you any tricks of great human ability on the way-"they begin to go
"doubtfull of your constitution my sweet,if such is your great weaponress -ha hrgh haa hhgmmphph-then so be it"
As virtue would have it the two new companians traveled with little paff and padue between eachother for quite some time.The path proved to be alotive to the progress and at times they made to a gallop at the expectation that there were 3 days of travel to be made.Stopping once at a creek off the side with trees about,the rides drank and they gathered some for themselves.
"so Ashainda what good is all of this to you,i understand that keeping gaurd at a village is a commonplace among humans,perhaps you can tell me os such and how you learned such advanced skill"
"My beliefs are what took the innocence from me Felikeries,the power of grand lifestyles of the brave beat down the dorr of innocence for me when my village was attacked,and i learned much from that time from a knight who had a place at the keep of Khralizeer,unbeknownst to him of coyrse,my talent soon surpassed that of any male"she replied,spinning the watre hold from one hand to the other and placing it at the holder on her ride
"ahhh many skills are learned through training,though i fear the world of savages,my beuty,have less in mind than a light duel of arts when fighting for that wich they believe in"
"how so-teacher is it?i 've slayn a few wherwolves in my day"as they began journeying agian
"rotting soulls of the damned,good,very good-try to keep up!"Felikeries replied as beginning to gallop away
As they went quickly he attempted to grab a saddle holder from her and she defended with her left untill finally taking a sword to him after it was to late and he had it.
"ha ha ha ha,you see my trivial talent will get the best of thee yet"he replied as they went to a normal pace again and he brashly tossed the holder back to her.
"suprize moves are always good,that's minus 1 pence however for revealing technique-my lord"she replies sarcastically
The sky with a withering of clouds set to a brilliant color display as harsh shadows of impendinf night bickered against the earth in lite breezes.The sounds of night were alive as well,certain misfit callings of insects and pheasant started in,and the reminder of the need for a fire traced through to any who felt the sun leaving behind the burrling mountains in the distance.
"I shall beg of you're forgiveness as i look for a good meal,perhaps a deer-or pheasant,as it is i might seek your help to build a fire"Felikeries suggested setting off from the place they had chosen to stop.
"my work as cook will be accepted with the duty as well then is it"she turned in innocence to remark,however as she looked to him he waved abruptly as to be quite and lightly chipped forward.
"Ashianda take your sword and shield!!"-with that several demaon like creatures and 3 accompanying zombiesh humans in rags lept to them.
The gnomish green-blue demons had muscular limbs and deadly claws,but were easily of no wit whatsoever,and as they began to square off 2 of the zombies distorted and left the world of skin to furr-wherebeasts,not wolves but a strange scale limbed lynxsaber of sorts,with glowing vicoius eyes.Sonn Felekeries was turned to using a magic attack to keep the fight fare,as Ashainda made easily a deadly triumph on one of the lycenthropes.The sage talent of the Fraith was done with a pebble wich integrated into his fingers and a quick motion brought a blue deathly flame striking at the 2 closest demaons,which had only been grazed by the sword.Catching fire a bit the wallowed in response-and with that Felikereies was able to stay off the other attcks and make a dash against and slaying cut into the affected demons.Ashainda soon revieved more attention becuase of the strangeness with the Fraith and she fought avidly using many cutting wounds on her foes.Felekries then did a super back flip as the 1 zombie and other lycenthrope made at him,landing and toss catching the sword he made a kalo kilo fight stance and an ether fllying beast went from a short electricity of his arms,it looked as though nearly transparent,but when the unsuspecting enemy was razed and sliced deeply by it they gouged in suprize-and he was able to side puch a jumping attck by the where beast and slice off one leg then turned once and chopped off the nap at the neck,rolling away the lycenthropy was undone.4 of 8 demons were dead now and the zombie was getting worried and began backing away.The duell of the two standing in the middle of the remaining four,went thrpugh several push and defenses when again Kelesties backflipped to over the attackers and set the flame across to the ones nearest Ashainda,who took out 2 and pushed a jumped attack at that time away with shield.Felikeries then swirled the copper sword twice and a small copper dagger appeared consecutavily as he threw the wepon into the two least demons.Ashainda swirld kicked one and trounced it through her sword into the ground,and Felikeries grabbed the other by the knevk quickly as it groveled voilently and swashed a wound across the neck dropping it to the groundspinning the sword,with axis and schiching a final stab as Ashainda had-looking to her in compliment.
"very fine skills,a Friath of talent i can see now"
"let all those who know me learn of the name Ashiande as the finest of human cuthians-"He reponded wiping the sword with a cloth and tossing it to her,and she did.
They journeyd on for an hour to make a new place and soon enough as promised before-Felikeries returned to the campfire with a killed and cleaned deer.
"Stew-skewer delight,lunch-this will be good for the rest of our troubles-i hope you enjoy deer?"Felikeries said slicing pieces and putting them over the center holding skewer.
"hey he haha he hee,you're making the simple act of diner look like a true life adventure-i'm quite fond of the local game-yes,thankyou"she responded and added a spioce to each slice
As they made their wa,events were less awe inspiring than there first night.She was well to do to explain a few of her self ritcheous ways,being a female swordsman,though Felikeries did'nt respond with much concern,keeping her unflattered with counter reference and that the abilities of mage went to only the truelly finest.
"begotton tale tall,talk of war,till the foes are slayne and no more"he sang mockingly in a medievil sketch of tunery,with the effects of the accompanyment da de de duh duh etc.
"how is it that our challengers are arriving we have'nt run into a one of them not-"
"there is how...."they made over a final hill and the castle was apperant with bustling folk about it-tents and rides and weapons being clanked about,crys of revelry,drinking,and of course food basting away at fires.
"they beat us to the mark-well too bad,a bunch of partied fools for the taking,shall we?"Ashainda rode forward quickly,Felikeries following,looking about the folks gathered as they found what looked as a representative of grand Freathos's.Dressed in over cover code of arms and leathermail-and several papers in hand,and a silly helm with several black feathers,the man was writing upon them when he looked to them.
"ah haah,a bit late are wee?Well your invitations please,then you may take a place at the south quarter tents,make a good meal for yourselves-the tourniment begins at daybreak tommorow"
They submited the papers-and went to an empty tent.setting the rides to a post.And unfurling 2 cotts of 4,putting a few supllies to the side.
"the hour of our reckoning approaches-sorry to trouble you,may you have enough luck to reach the finals i shan't square away with my advesaries as strongly however-knowing that the first of legitimates to meet against me could be thee Ashainda"
"fine-fine to all of this- i believe the real skill will be how i defat the final dastard snipe who wishes to take me on for the tittle!"
"ale?stew?fine wine-for the new duelists?"a conessuir effecter cryed to them with a tray of each
"of course,ale for you?"Felikeries took an ale
"yes,rather-"she took ale and a stew-in defense and sat at the cot.
At a chamber in the castle the grand Freathos set to documenting some interests with a scribe-while 2 guards stood blankly at the door.The room had lances and crossed swords upon the walls,and drapping tapestries with the keeps code of arms.At the window which he stood the grounds gathering area appearing busting with liviliness.
"thogh as it may appear afined to seek a champion this way,the armour of the gods has a title for all of you for being as graced as to behere,once and at all a complimentory arm gaurd of the finest of silverwork will be alloted to all those making place to the quater finals-that is all"then waving emmersedly to the writer-who looked escue-he waved again
"go-proclaim this-emmediatly"he barked
The final words of the speaker resounded to a mostly gathered and onlooking group-and cheers and yeahs were returned.Satisfied that the statement had done a good of will the speaker smiled and returned to the keep.
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The morning as surely as the state of the compitee's arrived,alive and with cracks of life.What was once the party fever was now a flatened sense of marred looks,and resiliance.Felikeries was first of the two,against an opponent with good build and black flat long hair.The man looked preturbed seeing that he eas a Fraith,but scince the match just previous had been a combat in wich the one who used a taste of magic lost,the air still settle comfortably.
The courtyard was surrounded by 20 ft castle walls,and the crowd of onlookers was gathered from several regions.The sound of a horn blasting a quick triumphant toot was the starter of the match.All of the first rounds included no shield,though the semi-finals would be different.The grand Freathos and enterage where sitting upon a 10 ft stage at the left and all others at the back side of the courtspace,that linfered with grass and old partially revealed castlestones.
Felikeries twirled his sword one time at the beginning,and hrmphmphed-a lite amount of elecricity of sage powers fliffed at each of his arms.The opponent looked with a froen then spoke,
"so it is that a Fraith shall make a match with the great Kealoghrith-swordsman of the tides of the south bays"
"human,you can not beg of me that which I sense you wish to-mercy"he stepped forard and they began dueling,as the crowd cheered
The Fraith was much shorter,but easliy was looked at by all those there as the favored to win.When the human tryed a quick step and a full spin,he stepped back and left half round kicked the sword of the man as he completed the battle turn,mocking the style,some laughed.Ashianda put her had to her mouth in shock,wondering what was amiss.Then Felikeries did a super forwrd flip over the opponent after sending a quick series of swashes to an end with a bold round about;landing the man thought he could baest the move and raised his sword and struck downward with might.Felikeries did'nt turn around but blocked with his blade held from front to back ,then still holding the sword at a inhand gripp swaffed left anf right,and kicked the man in the belly away from him,sitching hans with the sword then to the right,with a quick axis spin,he back swashed with strength and at that time punctured the leather armour plate of the foe,making a small blood let.The man touched the wound and distraughtly mirked put the sword away and lightly bowed,walking from the courtyard,as Felikeries raised the sword and did a syance kalo kilo making the ether flying beast fly past the front of the crowd and dissapear as they applauded.
Two matches went,one having a female victor-then Ashianda was on.She handed her shield to Felikeries-
"Tis illigal at the time-wish me the best"she rasped
"I've never seen a more puft and sour opponent,you'll win"
She began with several blatant swaths,sending the man back 4 ft.Then he laughed a ltittle,in regard of her sex and set to duel in a stance.They went at it left and right for quite a bit,then she switched hands swathed and returned the sword swatching the uncovered schest area,through enough to make a flesh wound and the man dropped his sword and fell to his knees,the crowd appluading her efforts.The man stood re belted the sword and walked away.
"may this be an example of what is to be to any who stand theit talents at my quickness!"she spoke loudly spinning the sword once and catching it and rebelting.
Four more matches transpired,one of witch was halted after victory when the wound made was upon the face of another.The gaurds settled the winner,and removed the loser,as the angered victim shouted blasphemies.The crowd looked to Freathos at the time and he only flippantly waved his hand in regard to the match being final and done.
Irked from losses 3 tournementee's left from the keep,before the courtyard disperssed,trying to not be mocked further.The path wich lay over the first hill quickly had them from the view of the others and the man Felikeries defeated took the lead.
"such as it is,i fear i will soon be turning east,then of course south"
"so,you're no help-besides what's there to fight now that Lethos is no more"a female responded
"so-hmmm,perhaps,my lady,yet i have a fealing there are minnions who lingered to unite and cause trouble once again,ca'nt be too sure"a knight,lost in the first of matches
"look there-a well,so there is hospince in the east,i beleive we should stop here for a moment,thus we could gather ourselves a plan"the southbay man got off the ride flippantly,with a water container-10 ft from the path,the other 2 stopped,but waited to go to the well.
"i believe this man thinks too greatly of himself"the lady
"so be it,certainly there is no greatness in a first round eliminated knight"the knight approached the well off from the ride
All too strangley as the water pot was taken with a rope,rasping sounds made announsed themselves.The three looked to the left,and suddenly from the right 2 black knights,from Remghor,were upon them.As they took to battle,the strange sounds at first revealed to demonish beings.They were black scaled with horns,and each had a short spear with magical fire at the point;dawning old chain mail,and 3 knives at the waist.
"what's the meaning of this"the southbay man gaffed,as a demon punctued through his leather armour from behind while he dueled i of the transgressors.
"resceede to the tomb of darkness from which you came beats!!"the lady yelled,as she turned and managed to swipe the spear of the demom with her sword and slice it's neck quickly.
However soon,the injured man,was overtaken and a throwing of the knoves the other demon had bransted through the knight who was duelling at the other Remghor knight.The women,turned left and right helplessly,but put to with the best swordwork she could,the horses now were gone scared away;no chance to make a run for her life.As she fenced one of the demons away the knight with the spear tossed it through her back,and the demon clawed her to the ground,lifeless in seconds.
At their tent Ashianda and Felikeries swiped their swords with cloths,and ate and drank.The air was cold,but the area was alive with a new wild fervor,for that which would turn out to be a great tournement of champions.It was noticed that three of the first match losers had vacated from the encampment area,and some,especially the victors took relishing snipe of it.
"should this be a three day and night event,then i fear i may be knwing quite a lot of thee ashainda"
"so be it-as this is too good for you-as i will have thee know!"she responded and poured more ale to the mug Felikeries had and drank as well.
"what good does the Freathos have at his mischevoius whims,that is what derries my contemplation;i should have spoken of this to you before"he sett the sword away and looked to her seriosly with a sip of ale
"no good,there is only victory"
"that may bee-for one who has lived to battle Lethos knows ther can only be little if no good with our world"
They chose to stay away from the mingling that evining,Ashiande stealing away with some human bits of grub for their rides,and returning as Felikeries set the lantern off,and left a copper held small platelet with code of arms carvings in the middle of the room.She looked at it,certainly of sages rights of religion of some sort.The flurry of vioces soon fell away to the same quick to get to sleep attitude,and before they fell into the dreams of the otherworld hopes or dangers in the night realm,the party had subfussed and all kept awash in the respit of a good night's sleep.
the thoery that the practice of certain engrained veils of evil has passed from the lands,and to all was soon to be lifted,and all too sure of the results was the schemer Remghor to thank.The original kill,or ruthless murder as it was of thre tournementee's was all that the beguiled ruler needed to take his fury and repell what good was left in any of those who knew that they'd soon be under his watch.The two knights,fealing secure about the minor victory made there way back to the cavern realm of their master and reported
"great Remghor,we have taken the first step-upon the ground now lay dead three of the grand tournemnts compitees"
"three did you hollow of you to return to me with such a pussywag of a kill to speak of!Though, i am pleased to a lighter sense,a sensation of broiling rot is taking me at every new turn-hmrphmph,well you must return to murder more!more!do you understand me!"Remghor,spinned and unfurled 1 wing and pwaffed it once
"yes,we understand,emmediatly great Remghor"the second responded
Though the village ot Turn's Keep was left to the pillagers at one time due to the wars with Lethos,for some reason it had returned to life,neither tottally nor without the assistance of some Fraith,s and a scorceress.She had taken all the regents she could put together and had casted a mighty spell of defense that reflected the Lycenthropes and demons away from the night's sweet cooking fires,and live flesh.The people who lived there,had learned of this way and every evening the torcheds of magic protection were lite,and to some the task had begun to be taken for granted.Theeila,was strong in her practice of the arts,but also able to look to the signs of loiofe that where tumullted about in the trying days.Now that there was a new threat she was all but too encouraged to find what was amiss,and had even sent her dream to a vision of the scource,in the end barely getting glimpse og Remghor;away in the shaodows of the underground through the dark,as dark as the lashing demon nights once suffered.
"Tilly-do believe there was a resaon none of our swordsmen were invited to the tournement at Freathos's keep?"Theeila,was writing concentratively upon her thoughts of that wich was the bane about to be brought alive
"yes,my lady,the great fighters of Turn's keep,are dead,of course we still have a couple of Fraith,however i don't think they'd last before a match without being churned into a brawl with the other,more....commonly competitors"the helping hand girl,swiped some dust from the sleeve of her dress,and smirked a bit,the legends of cuthians were well enough to be met with a Fraith,that she thought-
"no,i fear there is a Friath there Tilly-though i thimk better than to recors this,for as surly as it's an intrant iether it will win,or be eliminated through a cheating croonst of some batch,...maybe we can advise the winners,or some of the best to visit Turn's keep,as i see it fit now to make vex and stew of all that is surly waiting to occur"she finished a couple words and curled the paper and put it to Tilly
"what's this for,my lady"taking it timidly
"it's a writ of appeal that should be announced to wherevr they are keeping the lot of those kulls,and promises,a regent of demon warding to each if they so choose-sound good?"standing she took her witches hat off and removed a few decorative flowers fromn her hair,taking lamely care at it and then turning to repose another vindiction at the help-
"yes that's good,ouh ehye to the messenger,or the message should be taken by the Wyakpler crow"she began to leave and hesistated at the door of the witchy study and arts chamber.
"make it so,that the crow flys in earnst and catches the fastest currents of the sky"she pointed to the girl in light reprimand,yet a simple jesture,surely not one indicating flame from the fingers
Established as Felikeries next opponent was the momentum of the crowd was tritly mumering in his favor.The man was in royal purple and had a black blade with a gold handplate,and as the man swifed about in show the backcloth with a wayvern on it of black danced to the progression,nearly making a show of skills that was presumptoius of victory.Felikeries took his sword and held it laterally and bowd lightly and stepped to the prouding fool.The trumpet sounded and quickly they were dueling with fast checks and rechecks;Felikeries axis spun his sword and the two met blade to blade bodies close pushing in contempt,finally the man did a roundabout and Felikeries switched hands for a quick block then returned and took two large egressional fayns across at the chest area to him.The result was nearly enough to make the enemy drop the sword,but was'nt.They continued making advancements and repells for a bit,then again they met sword to sword with the opponent holding off a stright front near his skull for several seconds,and then Felikeries quickly tapped left and right and stabbed through a defense into the chest plate,taking the victory.He threw the sword into the air and it spun magically lateral to him with light bits of blue lightening from each of his wrist to hands,finally it lively returned to grip-and was belted;the folks applauded.
"quite a show of talent Felikeries is it-if this skill is as good tommorow as it was today,i'd fancy a bet that the finals are pre inscribed to have thee"The grand Freathos had stood and rtorted out loud,in a hostly sport of confections
"ha haah,well then so shall the final victory be conceeded as well"Felikeries returned as he went to the side to Ashainda standing in the front
"it's too easy to win if you are told it's a miracle of bribery or that lot,me thinkst there are unkown reasons for your being at this party after all"Ashainda sarcastically made sport
Later that night a letter was passed about the campgrounds,finally reaching Ashainda and Felikeries.After she finished she looked afrowned and set it next to Felikeries who was clothing the sage plate;after looking it over he stood in a brash way,Ashainda was certain that their reactions were mutual;if needst be they will forgo the event and make to the village of Turn's keep.
"this is the last message i was expecting from that crazy hag,but sure enough there is evil afoul again,it may be a tiding of fate that we were present to view this-this and the words of Theeila that tell of Remghor-a known underling of Lethos-do you think we should stay-or rather that i'm inviting you to travel with me if not tonight tommorow after - i win"he looked at the letter instead of her
"yes-my goals are always with the matters of standards that keep alive our peoples wellbeing-i will go now or latre-if you don't mind me letting you know"
"Fine we shall go emmediatly,as best as can be the return of the dark magics must be sent to there grave before hell is upon the land"He put togethr stuff and sword in response;and she responded in quickness,and soon they were leaving the wilds of the revelrous compitees behind.
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