7.17: Heroes - Part One


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May 24, 2001
Well I think it is even better without Angel in it :D :p

(by the way we've gone a bit O/T haven't we :blush:)


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Sep 26, 2000
7.?? : Heroes

Spoilers for this upcoming episode can be found at "Heroes"

My thanks to SG-1 Solutions for the link.



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Jan 5, 2001
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There is no death in Heroes part 1, thanks for the spoilers folks!!!!

Anyway, I can see how it is being built up in part 1, because someone is getting very friendly with the film-maker.

I didn't expect much from this, I don't like the comedy episodes that much, but I did laugh out loud at some parts. SG-13 were very funny.

They come across a remote droid from a Star Wars feature film, which they destroy by dropping a stone wall on top of it. Sam puts it back together at the SGC and discovers that it sent out a long-range distress call. Just as they warn SG-13 they come under attack from Jaffa. SG-1 leaves to help them, even though it may be an ambush.


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Sep 24, 2000
it was pure setup...which makes it hard to really say how good the eps is because all the resolution and the such is obviously going to be in part 2.

now this is a bit diffeent than others, there's no real cliff hanger, it just ends with sg-1 plus 3 other teams going off to lend sg-13 a hand holding off a half dozen jaffa and getting the injured home

now we all know that things will go downhill in a big way next tuesday.

i guess my only unanswered question is if thigs play out linearly ( in other words we open right where we left off) or if it starts with the aftereffects and the story is told via flashback

guess i'll find out next week

as eps go, at this point, this one is funny just for the one liners and little bits here and there


Feb 19, 2001
yeah loved the bits about 4 kids and working being more fun and not killing em cause they're so cute. i have 4 kids and have said the same many a time. can wait to see how it all plays out.


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Jun 18, 2003
Pretty cool episode with a lot of funny moments. Next week looks cool, but they SHOULD have killed O'Neill instead of Janet. If RDA wants out, let him out. I'd really rather have him not around and replaced with someone like Dixon (I really dug Dixon in this) than promoted to General. He really doesn't have the political mindset and responsibility to be a General. He belongs in the feild, in charge of a team with a superior officer back at base keeping him in check every now and then. IMO, Dixon would be a good replacement for him. Adam Baldwin is a good actor too.

Getting a little off topic though. The probe thing was WAAY too Star Warsy for me. Probably the worst thing in the episode. Other than that, a cool episode. I liked how everyone acted on camera, especially Teal'c, Sam and Daniel. Interesting reactions to the camera. Saul Rubinek was a little annoying, but that's the point, right? Also cool to see some regulars like Norman Walter-Harriman Davis, Sargeant Siler and Dr Lee.

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